Wednesday, 28 September 2011

120 Palette Swatching Series: Lower Half, 4th Row

Hello dear readers,
today I want to continue with the 4th row of the lower half of the 120 Palette. This row consists of pink shades. Here are the swatches:

1 This is a baby pink with a soft sheen.
2 Another, lighter, baby pink with shimmer.
3 This light pink has a silver shimmer.
4 Here we have a light pink with a sheen, a tad darker than the previous ones.
5 This is a darker cool-toned pink, leaning lilac, with a sheen.
6 This frosty baby pink has a chunky shimmer.
7 This lilac-ish pink has again a sheen.
8 This hot pink is matte.
9 Here we have a fuchsia shade, matte again.
10 And this hot fuchsia pink has a shimmer.
in the shade
in the sun; I made a numbering mistake: the last swatch is number 5!
in the shade
in the sun
Here you go! Do you like this type of color? I do, but it's not my favorite to wear, pink is a little too much for me on the eyes ;) But you guys know, I rather wear neutrals.
Talk to you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. This comments was gone...
    I was saying pink and purple are my favourite colours :-)

  2. @Salander: what a pity :/ it didn't appear in my dashboard :P
    that's great, I always love your colorful looks :)


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