Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spotted: Essence New Permanent Line

Hi there!
So, exciting news, I also spotted the new Essence permanent line, yay :D I'm really excited!
The new things look all really great, I love a lot of them! I made some secret pictures of the counter for you, here they are:
To start with, I bought a couple of products. I didn't want to get a million at a time, because if I buy them in little intervals, it feels like I'm not spending as much money ;) But I'm sure I'll be getting more soon!
For now, I got the following stuff:

I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

My other base is starting to get empty, and I think I also liked this one because it's skin-toned. A review will follow after I tried it out a few times. This was also available in the I Love... LE.

Color & Go Nail Polish in 78 Blue Addicted

This is such an awesome polish! A dark blue jelly base, bright blue glitter and blue and green hexagonal glitter particles! I love it, needs 3 coats.

Color & Go Nail Polish in 72 Time For Romance

This one is a berry purple color, also packed with glitter! Another 3 coater.

Color & Go Nail Polish in 67  Make It Golden

And the last glitter polish ;) A golden sheer shimmer with golden hexagonal particles. 3 coats needed.

And because they're so awesome, some close-ups of the polishes:
As you can tell, I was in a glitter mood ;) But I liked a lot more nail polishes, and will soon be getting more :D
Did you get anything yet?
See you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. You are a good spy getting pictures, haha!
    I like the nail polishes, even if I don't need them haha!
    Thanks for the pictures, really useful.

  2. @Salander: haha, glad you like them :D

  3. You were certainly on a glitter mood. We got some Essence and Catrice stuff while on holiday, but none of the new Essence Colour&Go appealed.

  4. @marox: yeah, right?!;) did you really like none of them? I was about to get a lot of them, but I told myself to be reasonable ;)


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