Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Copied Posts

Hey everyone,
I just have to talk about this right now, and I figured you could be interested in it to.
A few minuted ago, I logged into Blogger and found a new comment by Slayer3 / aka. Rbb.Red.Bull.Babe (hope it's okay to mention your name here! If not, let me know!), a nice reader. She told me that she found a post of mine copied on another blog. So I went to check out that post and the blog, which is called Nail Teyeng. I'm not gonna link it, because I don't want it to get more clicks this way, that's how stubborn I am ;) It's nailulteyeng[dot]blogspot[dot]com.
But anyway, I looked through the blog and found various posts of mine on there, all being just copied. These posts include swatches, EOTDs, NOTDs, reviews and tutorials. They all have the same exact text as in my posts, and also my pictures. At least on them I have my signature, but still...I wanted to contact the author of the blog and tell them to remove it please, but nowhere on the website I could find a name, an email address or even the chance to leave a comment! I don't wanna go all out and contact Blogger with this issue, I think we could talk about it. But I see no chance to do that!
So if you could please help me out, if you know something! Any advice, anything you've done in a case like this, things you have heard of, experience, just something! I'd love to read what you do in cases of these and hope to find a solution for this soon! It's really annoying me, because I think they should at least give me credit for all my work, and not just copy it!
Did this ever happen to you? And do you have any advice? I want to get rid of that soon :P
If I find a solution, I'll let you guys know!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Oh friend, I am sorry to hear that! It's crazy that there is not even a contact mail.
    It's very disgusting to find people like that.
    I think (not sure) it never happened to me.
    You know I used some of your pictures in one of my posts time ago with the only purpose of giving you visibility. I always link a blog if I am using some content or even some idea. It is nice to recognize the other people's work.
    Let me think and I will come back to you if I have some idea.

  2. Checking right now and even your name it is there! Crazy!

  3. @Salander: thank you :) I think it's totally okay if someone uses my stuff, but I want to be informed about it! just some credit, a single link would do...
    yeah, right?! that is so annoying.

  4. hi =D

    well , this is CRAZY ! why "they" would do that ?!

    i mean what is the Purpose of his blog if there is nothing to Contact him with others lool.

    and yes it happened to me couple of years ago .. it was at a Forum and not only my writes but also my name ! .. claims that she was me so i Contact the responsible of the Forum and explained the situation to him .. and problem solved =D ..

    if you really don't like it then just Contact blogger dear , hope they help you .

    but seriously why they do that !
    i mean what is their purpose ?!

    keep smile =D

  5. I'm sorry to hear you've had image/content theft. Is it so difficult to include a link??

  6. @Mary: thank you :)
    I'mglad it worked out for you, I hope it does that for me too! I think I'll wait a little, and if another blog post of mine is on there, I'll contact blogger.
    But you're so right! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    @marox: thanks, that's what I think, too!

  7. Hey hey. Of course I don't mind you posting my name etc. :o)

    I did look, and I couldn't find a way to contact the person at that site either. The fact I couldn't even comment, at least, bugged me, let alone not being able to Block them or something so I don't accidentally 'click' them in the future.

    But...if you hit the Report link way up top, you can report them under 'Affects my copyright' or something like that. Well, your copyright, but it's worded that way. Which was why I couldn't report them myself, which I would have done if I could pick the correct option.

    I really hate people who steal like that. Especially when you've put the time and effort into something. I don't understand why they can't use their time the same, instead of wasting it Googling and stealing. Surely that takes just as long to do as creating something yourself.

    The person or persons responsible for that site have obviously hidden their contact information for the sole purpose so those they steal from can't complain to them directly or call them out for theft in comments.

    I wouldn't hesitate to report them. They shouldn't be able to get away with that kind of thing so easily.

    Eep I ranted a bit. :P I haven't had that experience here, but I have elsewhere, so I know how you feel.

    I hope you get justice soon hun. :)

  8. @Slayer3: thank you so much for your detailed comment :)
    I think I will report them, thanks for all the information :)
    I'll let you know if something happens with it :)

  9. @Salander: yes, I did, thank you :) I just sent you an answer!


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