Sunday, 4 July 2010

My thoughts on the current Essence limited editions

Hey guys, this month Essence released two new limited editions and I already found them at my local drugstore a week ago. I had enough time to try them out, so I'm going to show you what I got and tell you what I think about them!

Essence RETURN TO PARADISE Collection:

These products are available: 2 baked eyeshadow trios, 3 eyeliner pens, 3 lipglosses, 1 shimmer powder, 5 nail polishes, blotting tissues

What I bought: the shimmer powder in 01 the famous flamingo

My thoughts:
-The eyeshadow trios are available in orange/yellow-puple-brown and gold-teal-brown. They're really colorful and nicely pigmented.
-The eyeliner pens are available in brown, petrol and lilac. They have a felt tip applicator. Only the lilac is a bit light, the other are nicely pigmented.
-The lipglosses contain a ton of glitter and they don't look really pigmented. Unfortunately, there weren't any ligloss testers. They are available in brown, lilac and orange.
-The shimmer powder is a shimmery, light pink color and nicely pigmented. It gives a nice glow and lighter skin-toned people could even use this as a blush.
-The nail polishes are very colorful, too. They're available in petrol, orange, yellow, brown and purple. I already have colors like that so I didn't buy one.

Bottom line: This collection is really nice and colorful. Definitely check it out!


These products are available: 3 baked eyeshadow duos, 2 glitter eye pencils, 1 shimmer powder, 4 lipglosses, 5 nail polishes

What I bought: 2 lipglosses: 01 lunch at cullens and 03 ready to be bitten, nail polish in 02 thirsty!

My thoughts:
-The baked eyeshadow duos are all really pigmented and glittery. You can get them in silver-black, purple-lilac and blue-silver
-The glitter eye pencils look as if they were just glitter and they will scratch your skin. They're available in silver and black.
-The shimmer powder is just loose glitter.
-The lipglosses are available in dark red, pink-purple, clear and black. All of them contain glitter. I bought the dark red and the clear one and they're really pigmented! Just the way you want your lipglosses to be. The red is really dark on the lips, so it's nothing for everyday, but the clear one is really nice, especially in the sunlight, because then you can see the multicolor glitter. Without eating or drinking, they last pretty long. The red one isn't gone after eating/drinking.
-The nail polishes are all really pretty. You can get a jelly bloody red one, a black one with magenta glitter, a shimmery silver one, a jelly magenta one and a pearly shimmer color. I bought the bloody red one and the application was great for a drugstore product. I wore it on my toenails for over a week and it almost didn't chip off. I wore two coats, because with them, it's perfectly opaque. I really like it.

Edit: I got the black glitter nail polish a while after I wrote this post. I didn't get a chance to wear it yet, but the swatches look nice, the color is almost opaque with two coats and the glitter comes out, especially in the sunlight.

Bottom line: This is a really nice collection! I would recommend all the products I got and if you like them, you should give them a try!

you can see swatches of both of this collections at

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you guys later!
Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: None of the products were given to me for free and I'm not being payed for this. All opinions are my own and 100 percent honest.

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