Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review: Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss

Hey everyone,
I just recently found a new limited edition by Manhattan at my drugstore. It's called "wet shot" and it contains nail polishes and a new line of lipglosses that are called Water Flash Lipglosses. I think that it will move into the permanent line but I'm not sure about it. I saw them at the durgstore and I immedately decided which one I wanted to get. I swatched all of them and I chose the most vibrant and colorful one. There are 6 colors avaiable, colorful ones as well as neutral ones. Since they claim to contain a lot of water, I thought that they'll be very sheer, but they aren't! I bought the most pigmented one, the others are a bit sheerer but in a way that you can still see the color on the lips. The one I bought is called 46D. They cost around 4 Euros, depending on where you buy them.
I'm going to list all the good and bad aspects of this lipgloss here. Please note that I just got one, so it can be totally different with the other lipglosses. I'm going to get a neutral one soon, when they're on sale at my drugstore, so I can compare it to this one. The review will come soon.

What it claims to do:
* light consistency
* wet look-effect
* intensely moisturizing due to the high water content
* not sticky

What I think about it:

+ nice pigmentation
+ available in 6 different colors from neutral to colorful
+ price
+ nice melon scent that isn't too strong
+ nice shine
+ stays for a few hours
+ not sticky
+ cute and convenient packaging
+ you can layer it and achieve the coverage you like
+ nice to apply with the applicator
+ the color stays even when the shine goes away
+ doesn't dry out the lips

- doesn't stay when you eat or drink something
- it's really hard to remove when you get it on your hand or something, water and soap won't be enough
- it get's on you teeth easily when you apply it

These promises does it keep:
* light consistency --> YES
* wet look-effect --> YES
* intensely moisturizing due to the high water content --> PARTLY: it doesn't dry out the lips and it moisturizes lightly, but not intensely
* not sticky --> YES

BOTTOM LINE: I really like this lipgloss. It's obviously not an every day color, but it's very nice for a summer party or something like this. It's a really good drugstore lipgloss and defininately worth its money. I really recommend it!

Have you tried out any of these water flash lipglosses? Do you like them? Do you like this one?
I hope y'all had a nice day and I'll blog to you later!
xoxo, Misch

Disclaimer: This lipgloss wasn't sent to me for free and I'm not being payed for this review. All opinions are honest.

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