Thursday, 26 May 2011

My Eyeshadow Collection #2: Lighter Browns

Hi guys!
I already showed you the first part of my eyeshadow collection here *click*, and now I'm gonna show you the second part, my lighter browns and bronzes. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Rival de Loop - 02 Sun
This is a really pretty champagne gold shade. It's packed with shimmer and can cause some fall-out due to the rather chalky texture. It's especially nice for highlighting.

Catrice - 070 Mr. Copper's Fields

This gorgeous copper shade has a very velvety feeling to it, and it has a nice shimmer that looks kinda metallic.

Catrice Caramé LE - C04 Spiced Bronze

This awesome shimmer color is part of last year's Caramé collection, and it's even supposed to be a dupe for Amberlights by MAC. It's a bronze gold-toned shade with so much metallic shimmer, and it applies really nice. It's very vibrant and best to make some accents in an eye make-up.

Rival de Loop Duo - Mocca Beige 

For this category of the collection I'll only show you the light side of this duo, because the dark side belongs to another category. This light color is a yellow-toned goldish champagne color. It's not too pigmented and a little chalky. It comes with a mini-mini sponge-tip applicator.

Do you own any of these eyeshadows? What do you think of them?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. The Catrice are a lot more pigmented.

  2. @marox: yeah, you're a good observer ;) they really are :)

  3. @Misch: Now you're making me regret not getting any Catrice e/s.

  4. @marox: haha :) Well, I guess if you really want them you'll somehow be able to get some of these e/s :)

  5. I have the one from the Caramé and it is just amazing! I was about to buy the Mr Copper Fields in I regret to have left it there!

  6. @Salander: yeah, it is indeed :)
    well, I'm sure you'll be able to get it some other time :) I'll also show you an EOTD with it soon :)


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