Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer Tag! :)

Hi everyone!
Today I'm having a little tag for you that doesn't have any beauty topic, but I wanted to do it anyway :)
Here you go:

1. Do you like summer rain??
Oh, yes I do :) That's one of the best things, when it's warm outside and raining. The smell is awesome, and I love that :) Especially when I'm in Italy, there I love the scent even more :) When I was a little girl, I used to dance outside in the rain in a bikini when we were on vacation in Italy :) And I still love doing that! When there's some summer rain, I always get outside.

2. What's your fave summer drink that you wouldn't drink in winter?
I love iced coffee, like frappucchinos, or frappés, they're aresome :) And I only drink them in summer, cuz in winter it's way to cold for that :)

3. Do you watch as much TV in summer as you usually do??

No, I actually don't because I like to sit outside with friends, have a Barbecue and just talk till it gets dark :) That's just so awesome, I love it :)

4. Where do you like to go in summer?

To the beach :) I'm a summer girl, and I love the beach and sand and sun and everything :) The sea's great to be at, and I love being there :)

5. How do you sleep when it's so hot?
I always wear very short pajamas, like just a tank and hotpants-style sweatpants :) And I have a very very light blanket my grandma made, and I love it in summer :) Also, every time I wake up, I turn my pillow to the "cold" side ;) 

6. What do you do on your perfect summer day?
I get up early (I'm a long-sleeping person) at about 9 a.m. (yeah, that's early for me if it's vacation), then I go to the swimming pool with my friends and hang out in the sun all day long, then at night I get home, have a BBQ and then it can rain ;) Warm summer rain of course :)

7. What do you like to eat when it's hot?

Ice cream :D I love it, especially in chocolate and strawberry :)

8. Do you even shower hot when it's hot outside?

Yes, I do :) I love showering hot, although in summer in the morning I try to take a cold shower, but it's not always working ;)

Well, that's it about that :D I love summer :) <3 
What about you? Feel free to do this tag, too, and leave me a link to your version of it :)
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I don't like coffee. Yuk. I can drink decaf at most, from time to time.

  2. @marox: why?? i love coffee! i can't live without it, and a day doesn't start right if i don't have a nice cup of coffee in the morning ;)

  3. have to come to Spain! Do you know what Horchata is? Google it!
    Alle my colleagues coming from abroad love this sweet, soft and refreshing drink!

  4. @Salander: I just googled it, and it sounds really cool! I hope I'll be able to go to spain some time for vacation :)


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