Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Eyeshadow Collection: Lights

Hey guys!
This is the second try to post this entry, the other one was deleted on Friday and never showed up again.
While there's still the last part of my lipgloss collection remaining unposted, it has to wait some time. I have this one first, the first part of my eyeshadow collection. It's my lights :)

Rival de Loop - 01 Snowflake

This eyeshadow is a frost white one with a lot of silver shimmer. It's best to highlight certain areas on your lid.

Essence - 21 Girls Talk

This one's been discontinued for quite some already, so you can't get it anymore. It's a light shade with the tiniest hint of pink in it, and it's very shimmery. It's not really pigmented, though.

Catrice Nude Sensation LE - C01 Nude Cream
This eyeshadow is from an old LE, and it's the perfect nude cream (just as the name says) color. It's perfect for my skin tone as a subtle highlight, and it's really opaque. It's a matte, and it can look a little chalky if you layer it too much.
This was the first part of my eyeshadow collection! I hope you liked it :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. I just looked at RdL nail polish. Are their eyeshadows any good?

  2. @marox79: well, they're not the best ones ever, but they're quite good quality for the money! just test the eyeshadows at the counter so you're sure about the pigmentation :) but they're worth a try in my opinion :)

  3. @Misch: I'll check them out next time we're in Germany. Maybe next month, we'll see.

  4. @marox: that's cool :) let me know if you get some :)

  5. I have the one from Catrice and I love it. It is just perfect for highlighting in a natural look!

  6. @Salander: yes, it is, right?! I'm glad you like it as much as I do :)


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