Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spotted: Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection

Hey everyone,
I'm sorry for those of you who might still be waiting for some older Essence LEs, because this could make you jealous: I found the next new Limited Edition by Essence at my drugstore ;) So if you don't want to hear about this yet, click the little X in the upper right corner :D
I got a few things, and I want to show them to you, in a little mini-review, or at least first impressions.
I got 2 nail polishes and 1 gel eyeliner, and here *click*, on the Essence homepage, you can have an overview of the products.
The polishes I got are a reddish pink one, called 01 BBC Pink Heat and a gorgeous bronze copper polish called 05 BBC golden sands.
The reddish pink looks like a jelly polish, feels like a jelly polish but applies like a creme. It's perfect! Two coats and it's perfectly opaque, it's almost a one coater! And it's so vibrant and shiny and makes me happy :D It's the perfect bright summer color.
The bronze copper nail polish has the most awesome shimmer, it's so so sparkly! I could even find little flakies in this polish, yay! It's a little sheerer, but I had nice coverage with 3 thin coats. Since it has that much shimmer in it, brush strokes can be visible if you're not careful. It's so shiny, glowy and hot for summer, I love it!

shimmer & flakie goodness!! <3
As you can probably tell, I'm totally smitten! I love these polishes, and since my internship is now over, I'll be wearing them soon! Expect some NOTDs! :)
And then I also got the brown gel eyeliner that's called 02 BBC all night brown. It has a slight golden shimmer and I like it! I won't say more now, I'll try it and test it, and then you'll get an extra review for it soon!

For all of the other stuff: I was tempted to buy the blue nail polishes, too, but I told myself I already own similar colors. The palettes were nice, but nothing I necessarily need, and the mascara seemed like one for the permanent line. I already own the brush in the version from the permanent line, and the bronzer was too dark for me, and I wouldn't use it anyway ;) The eye make-up remover seemed unnecessary to me, and I only chose one wearable color from the gel eyeliners. That's that :D
Over all, I like this LE! :D
Did anyone spot this collection already?? Are you as smitten as I am?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. the pink color is very nice!

  2. I love your Bondi Beach haul. Pity we don't have the second Essence display here.
    I like the bronze nail polish.

  3. @Sonietaaa and @marox79:
    thanks to both of you :) i'm glad you like the stuff, too :)

  4. I should have closed the page!!! :D The golden sands is really beautiful, I hope I can buy it when it arrives to Spain.
    Kises! :)

  5. Wow! The eyeliner and the bronze nailpolish are needed for life! I love them!
    Waiting for your detailed review ;-)

  6. Congrats for your 40 followers!
    You can take part in my giveaway, this time is open internationally ;-)

  7. @Irene: haha, that's fun :D yes, it really is! I can't wait to wear it!

    @Salander: thank you :)
    the review's coming up soon, promise!
    thanks, I will :)


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