Monday, 2 May 2011

NOTD May 2nd: Butterfly Wings

Hi there!
This Nail Art thing is a really pretty one for spring. I got the idea for it here *click* at, and directly how to do it from here *click*, from a video by Cutepolish.
I love the color-fading effect underneath the black pattern, it makes it even more interesting :)
For the color-fading I first appied a bright yellow color, it's Sundancer from the Essence Color&Go line. Then I sponged some orange onto the middle of it, using Life Preserver by China Glaze. Last I sponged some red onto the lower part of my nail, and for that I chose Hey Sailor! by China Glaze. The black lines were done just like in the video by Cutepolish which I linked above. For it I used the Nail Art Pen in black by RdLY. And for the white dots that complete the look I used the Essence Tip Painter.
It's not too hard to do with a lot of patience, but I love the result! It's really stunning in my opinion :)
I'm not wearing this design right now, because I'm giving my nails a break during my internship. But I just had to show you this gorgeousness :D
Do you like it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Wow, you left me speechless! It looks like nail art stickers.

  2. @marox79: thank you :) well, it's really self-made! :D

  3. @Salander: thank you so much! :)


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