Sunday, 22 May 2011

NOTD May 22nd: Essence - 02 Love, Peace and Purple

Hey everyone,
I'm finally wearing the 02 Love, Peace and Purple polish from the Essence You Rock! LE :) I already introduced it here *click* and now you're gonna see it on my nails :)
I took like a million pictures to make the purple shimmer visible, so I'll once again make some collages about that ;)
I'm wearing 2 coats of polish and one coat of topcoat in the pictures, and application was nice. I like the color, although it's not one I want to wear over and over again. The purple shimmer is especially visible in direct sunlight, other than that it's more subtle and not too noticeable.
It didn't last too long, even with a top coat, and already showed some tip wear after the first and some chippings after the second day. But I think that's okay, considering the fact that you get a great Chanel dupe for not a lot of money!
Do you like this polish? Does anyone own it, too?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Yours seems slightly darker than our Claire's dupe. Or at least that's the impression I get from the pictures.
    Our Claire's will probably have to do. I doubt we'll get that LE over here. We're still with Blossoms and usually get about 1/3rd of all LEs.

  2. @marox: well, unfortunately I can't tell you which one's a better dupe :/
    that's really a pity! I'll still cross my fingers for you that you'll get it :)

  3. @Misch: Don't be sorry, hon. The Claire's is beautiful dupe or not, so we can perfectly settle for that one.

  4. der lack ist mein lieblingslack zur zeit :) ♥

  5. @marox: okay ;) that's cool :)

    @glamourela: jaa, er ist echt schoen :)

  6. I am happy with my dupe from Claire´s. From this LE I just bought the eyeshadow primer so far :-)

  7. @Salander: yeah, I don't think you need to own the same color twice.
    Do you like the primer?

  8. I didn´t try the primer yet, I have too many of them open!

  9. @Salander: I see, it's like that with me sometimes too ;)


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