Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spotted: Essence You Rock! LE: Nail Polish 02 Love, Peace and Purple

Hey there!
Seems like my local drugstore just basically decided to skip Essence's April LE, the Blossoms etc. one, and just went over to the May one, called You Rock. When I saw the online pics of this LE here *click* at, I didn't really think it was something so exciting, and it wasn't in real life better either. The things are nice, and some people might like some stuff, but after all...nothing too extraordinary, especially not for a beauty-addict who isn't surprised too easily :D
But there was one thing a little interesting: the polish that was already thought as the Chanel Paradoxal dupe. Well, even though I'm not a big fan of all of this hype, I got the polish that could be the dupe. I actually liked the color! It's not too typical for spring, but still...I immediately picked this out at the store, and only after looking at it for a while, I was like "That looks like it's Chanel Paradoxal!" :D So I didn't buy it because it could be a dupe after all. I have to say, I've looked at Paradoxal in stores for several times, and it looks A LOT like the Essence polish. And guess what, it really appears to be a dupe! *Click* here for the comparison at FragDieGurus. They look really alike!
And you can even take the cap off the Essence polish, just like you can do with the Chanel ones :D
So that's to say about the dupe thing :D
I already swatched it on my nail wheel, of course :D I wasn't painting too carefully, and what you can see on the pics is 3 extremely thin coats. 2 medium coats would've done the job :P What it looked like today, on a day without a lot of sun, is that the purple shimmer kinda vanishes a little once applied. I really hope that was just the lighting! I'd love to apply it, but right now I'm giving my nails a break, because I'm doing a two-week internship at a translator office, and can't wear nail polish there...But in two weeks you'll see hand swatches for sure :)
The bottle of this polish is little and rather square-shaped, and the brush is really short and thin! The texture of the polish is very liquid and runny. I compared the brush to a few others, as you can see on the pics :D It's way thinner and shorter than OPI brushes, as thick as but shorter than China Glaze brushes, and has about the same length as Essie brushes, but the handle's way longer with Essie brushes. It's really the handle that makes it so small :P The bottle shape reminds me a lot of RdL polishes, but the brushes are way different. RdL brushes are so much wider!
I might go back and have another look at the LE, it was nice :D The palette would've been nice for me too, but I decided not to pick it up because there were no testers, and Essence eyeshadows tend to be not too pigmented. Let me tell you, the lip stains looked so tiny, they could've almost been eyeliner pens! Oh, well...xD

Did anyone spot this LE yet? Are you gonna get something?? And will you get the Chanel dupe, even though the hype about this polish's been gone for a while?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I'm waiting the cherry blossom to come to my city, and you have the you rock yet?
    I wan't to live in Deutchland too!!

  2. @{*Irene*}: haha, I'm sure you're gonna get them soon, too :D

  3. Excellent comparison. My hat's off.
    We still don't have the new products and yet you have that and lots more. Very jealous.

  4. @marox79: aww, thanks :)
    it's a pity that these things don't come out at the same time everywhere...but you'll find this stuff eventually, too :)

  5. Yesterday Marox and me found another Paradoxal dupe. Well, we don´t have the Channel one but it looks quite similar. We found it in Claire´s :-)

  6. @Salander: that's really cool :)


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