Thursday, 30 December 2010

Review: Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream

Hi guys!
As you might know from this haul post in November, I got the Lip Cream from Manhattan and now I want to tell you what I think of it :)

- available at any drugstore where you can get Manhattan cosmetics
- costs something between 3 and 4.50 Euros, depending on where you get it (it's most inexpensive at Rossmann), for 6.5 ml
- available in 6 different colors, the one I got is in 56K
- the color looks like a brownish pink in the package, but it's a blue-ish bright pink on the lips
- promises to have a velvety-matte finish, to give a soft feeling to the lips and to be really pigmented

here you can tell how it enhances my little lip wrinkles
+ pretty color
+ price
+ easy to get
+ lasts for hours and hours - I apply it at 7 a.m. and when I get home at noon it's still there, just a little faded
+ has a matte finish, which isn't usual for lipglosses
+ smells yummyly like vanilla
+ has a nice, light and almost not noticeable feeling on the lips

- when your lips are chapped, this one easily makes them look gross, because it enhances your little lip wrinkles
- the color isn't as natural as it looks in the bottle
(- you might not like the matte look)

Bottom Line: I like it a lot :) The color is nice, and there are more available, so I might get another one. And the wear is so good :)

I'm sorry that the pictures are that bad, but this post was pre-blogged, so I made the pictures with my old camera...:P

Do you own this one as well? Or a different color?
Until next time!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I got this lip creme from Germany before going back home, it's on beauty essentials blog post this month. I was reading through your blog archive and was like: "OMG, She's German!" Haha :D. Just had to say that. :)

    xoxo, Blondie

    We subscribed!!

  2. haha, thanks :) that's funny :)
    and thanks for subscribing :)


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