Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Spotted + Haul: 2 Current LEs + NOTD

Hey everyone,
I just went to the drugstore and saw 2 of the latest LEs!
Let's start with my favorite one:
Catrice Urban Baroque
This Limited Edition is so so perfect! Neutral colors, but still very pretty, gorgeous! I love it!! The design is so so pretty, perfect for the theme!
Here are all of the products, on Pinkmelon.de
That's what I got:

- Illuminating powder in C01 Masquerade Ball: I think this is the most wanted product from this LE, and I'm so glad I got one! It contains a lot of colors such as light pink, mid-toned pink, peach and green, and all of them are shimmery! The colors are not big enough to pick them up separately, just swirrl them all together to get the perfect highlight color! It gives a nice glow to your skin and I love it! So pretty :)

click on the picture to read the desciption :)

- Ultimate Nail Lacquer in C01 Pearls & Chains
A very light cream color, very milky, has a light pink tint to it, and it's very very natural. It has teeny-tiny glitter particles in it, but they're almost not noticeable. I was so happy that there were some neutral shades in this LE, because they're not that easy to get at the drugstore! But unfortunately this one isn't opaque at all...
I applied it to my nails and had to do three coats before I even was able to tell the color!

It's extremely natural, very shiny and it does have the nice milky look it has in the bottle :) On the picture I'm wearing 5 coats...not so good! But now that I know that it won't get any opaque anymore, I can at least wear it on days when I don't want color... I like the texture, though, not too thin or too thick.
- Ultimate Nail Lacquer in C02 Rock Baroque:
Another really light color, super pretty, way more pink than number C01, and also a bit darker :) It's a little more opaque, but I haven't swatched it on my nails yet, but on the nail wheel it showed some color :) I know that it's always a problem with nudes that they're not really opaque, but I expected a little more...

here you can see the slight shimmer, just click on the picture :)
I also liked the other stuff that was in this LE, but I liked these ones the most :) I love the whole thing, especially the design, so gorgeous!

Essence Black & White 

It just contains black and white colors, and I think it's a nice idea, but a bit boring...just black and white, not so much to experiment with...when you like some of the stuff, get something, but it's not so special ;) The white eyeshadow is supposed to be a dupe for the MAC eyeshadow in crystal avalanche, so if you like that, get the color ;) Something I was wondering about was why are there black & white lip pencils in that LE? Who wears these? Please tell me!
I was actually interested in the Holo topcoat, but I already saw swatches on the internet, and it didn't look that great...well, whatever. Something to pass on for me, I got nothing, but you might like something :)
Here are the products on Pinkmelon.de

Okay, guys, that were these LEs! Did you get anything? Are as excited about the Catrice Urban Baroque LE as I am?
Let me know!
xoxo, Misch

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