Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to care dry hands - hand lotion comparison

Hi dear readers,
maybe some of you have the same problem as I do: very dry hands in the cold time. My hands get dry and chapped so easily, and I always try my hardest to pervent that. This year I got 3 different hand lotions to try out, and here you can read what I think of them:

1. Alterra Pomegranante and Aloe Vera Hand Lotion
Information: - contains pomegranate, aloe vera and shea butter
   - for very dry hands
   - costs 1.99 Euros for 75 ml
   - only available at Rossmann
   - promises to moisturize well, to soak in very quickly and not to leave a greasy film

Positives: + price
       + good, biological-based ingredients
       + moisturizes pretty well
       + soaks in pretty quickly due to the thin formula
       + I personally like the scent (you might not, though...)
       + scent stays around for more than an hour (could be negative if you don't like the scent)

Negatives: - only available at Rossmann
         - the formula might be too thin and not rich enough for very dry hands
        (- the scent and how longlasting it is, when you don't like it)

Bottom Line: For me this one is working pretty well, it's not the most moisturizing one I ever had, but it's fine. I wouldn't recommend it for the driest hands ever, but I like to use it during the day a lot.

2. Isana Intensiv Hand Lotion
Information:  - contains 5% urea and shea butter, pathenol and bees wax
    - for very dry hands
    - costs 1.99 Euros for 100 ml
    - only available at Rossmann
    - promises to moisturize intensely and not to leave a greasy film

Positives: + price
       + good, well moisturzing ingredients
       + moisturizes very well
      (+ you might like the scent)
       + very thick and rich, moisturizes very well

Negatives: - only available at Rossmann
       - I personally don't like the scent
       - it is very very thick, so it doesn't soak in that soon
       - it leaves a slight greasy film, but not too much

Bottom Line: I love this hand lotion when my hands are extremely dry and chapped, because it's so rich. I don't like the scent, though, it's the typical urea scent, but it doesn't stay that long. For the day it's too thick for me, but I use it every night to care my hands.

3. Florena Hand Lotion with Bio Olive Oil
Information:  - contains bio olive oil and provitamine B5
    - for dry hands
    - costs 0.50 Euros for 20 ml
    - as far as I know only available at Rossmann
    - promises to moisturize the hands intensively and smooth them 

Positives: + price
       + good, botanical-based ingredients
       + size is nice to just throw into your purse and always carry around
       + scent is nice and natural (personal preference, of course) and stays for a while
       + soaks in pretty quickly
       + moisturizes well because the formula is not too thin or too thick

Negatives: - not available in full-size
         - only available at Rossmann
         - leaves a slightly greasy feeling for a while, about half an hour
         - it might not be moisturizing enough for very dry hands
        (- you might not like the scent)

Bottom Line: I like it a lot, and have it in my purse all the time and use it pretty often. It moisturizes well enough for me, but depends on your skin, of course. You can't go wrong with this, though, because it's really inexpensive.

After all: I like all of them, they're not the same, and I use every single one for a different purpose. I don't think you need all of them, though, and the Isana one would be the best one for people with very dry    hands.

Do you have the same problem with the dry hands? Or do you recommend any other hand lotion? Tell me!
xoxo, Misch


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  2. Btw, our Marionnaud drugstores sell some Isana products. I got myself a travel-size shower gel and they also had an aloe vera handcream. I might buy that when I run out of Florena, but that will last a while.

  3. @marox: that's great, let me know when you try it!


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