Thursday, 16 December 2010

Note: some brand info!

Just a quick information:

I just found out that Nivea is stopping to sell decorative cosmetics in Germany! Completely and totally, apparently because they want to focus on beauty care products. HERE IS THE REPORT.
Will you miss some certain products? I will miss something and stock up on that a little, because they sell my very favorite foundation of the moment. HERE I REVIEWED IT. Is there anything else I should get before I don't have the chance for it anymore? Tell me!

Plus, Alverde is changing their permanent line again, so there are a few products that are on sale right now, and it's your last chance to get them! HERE YOU CAN FIND A LIST OF THE PRODUCTS, AT INNEN UND AUSSEN. What do you think? Anything listed out that you liked? Or are you fine with it and will be glad to get some new products? I don't think there's anything I'll miss, but I will still take a look at it :)

That's it already :)
Until next time, xoxo, Misch

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