Friday, 3 December 2010

Oh so lovely - winter scents

Hey there :)
It's getting really cold, it already started to snow at a few areas and we all just want to curl up under a blanket, drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie while it's storming outside - meaning: it's getting winter :)
And when it comes to winter, there are these so so lovely scents I love :)
I love the Holiday season, Christmas is great and's one of my favorite times in the year.
There are these typical scents most people connect with Christmas, Holidays and winter - and I love these as well.
Oranges + Mandarines
different spices

and so on...

I love all of these scents so much (okay except for cinnamon which i don't like when it's too much), and that's why I'm always happy about Holiday Body Care Lines, because they have the best scents of the whole year.
One of the things I love is the Balea Body Butter in Cocoa, smells like chocolate and cares really well.
Then Yves Rocher releases a Christmas Line every year, and this year it's both orange-chocolate and orange-almond. I haven't been to the store yet, but I'll go there soon and I hope these things smell good. There are shower gel, body lotion and hand lotion available.
Isana has a nice shower gel this year, it's honey and white chocolate. Go and smell it at your local Rossmann, I really like it and it doesn't even cost 1 Euro.

Something I really like to do in winter is to just go to a store, the drugstore for example, while it's getting dark outside, and smell the different scents, pick out my favorite ones and then get home and take nice bath using the new products.
Do you like that too?

What are your favorite winter scents? Let me know!
xoxo, Misch

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