Thursday, 16 December 2010

That's what happens when I visit dm: I just can't leave the store without buying something!

Hi guys,
haul time!!
as you might have guessed from the title and as I promised you yesterday, here's my haul :) I didn't find the LEs that interesting, but oh well... The haul's not too big this time, but still...;)
That's what I got:

- Alverde Eyeshadow brush: this one is new in their line and I wanted to try it out :) So far I like it, it picks up the color pretty well :)
- Alverde Eyeliner brush: I already own this one, but I got a second one to just it as a nail art brush. Let's see if it'll work!
- Alverde Zauberwald LE eyeshadow in Magic Spirit: When this LE came out in August, I wanted some things but never got any because they were sold out. Now I found this single last eyeshadow, yay! Like it, the color is a greenish brown.
- p2 lipliner in 03 business lady: this is a bright red color, exactly the thing I was going for :) I'm not sure whether I like the red lips look yet, but I'll try it out :)
- MNY blush in 301: In a video by xKarenina on Youtube she mentioned this blush and said she thought it was like a better version of Nars Orgasm Blush. That's why I had to have it! It like the color, it's a peachy pink with gold shimmer :) so pretty!

Also, my Sigma order that I placed on Black Friday because of the free shipping costs arrived today! Yay!
Sigma E30 and F80 Brushes
I got the Sigma Flat Top Sythetic Kabuki F80 and the Sigma Pencil E30. They're both great, I like them a lot! I already washed them and they did not lose one single hair! Amazing, they're so good quality!

And that's it! Do you own any of the things I bought?
I'll see you guys later!
xoxo, Misch

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