Thursday, 25 November 2010

Little drugstore haul :)

Hey everyone!
First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm so thankful for everyone of you who reads my blog and leaves comments and I want all of you to have a happy holiday :)
I just lately got to the drugstore and got a few good deals, so I just had to pick something up :) Here we go:
Manhattan Party Glam LE eyeshadow palette "soft nude"
this is one of the baked palettes from the Party Glam LE, the most neutral one.
It contains 5 very shimmery well pigmented colors, from champagne to brown. I like it :)

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream in 56K
this lip cream was in the Tender Touch LE and now got into the permanent line, I showed them here already and did a mini review about them back then as well and now I got one. I love the vanilla taste :) But the color isn't as nude as it looks on the packaging, one the lips it's pretty bright...

For your beauty make-up sponges - yeah, I think this one speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Rival de Loop Young LE (??) nail polish in 01 glamouros pink - I don't remember the name of the LE, but I had to get this color. It's a clear base with pink and multi-colored round sparkles in it :) It needs a ton of layers (to get it opaque I did like 6 on my nail wheel...) but it's a perfect effect polish :)

Okay guys, that's what I got :)
I'll see ya!
xoxo, Misch

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