Monday, 28 February 2011

My Blush Collection

Hey everyone,
I'm back!! :) YAY ;) Just kidding. I had a great time dancing, but now I'm sore all over ;)

Today's post is another collection post, about my blushes. I also included highlighting powders and bronzers, hope you don't mind :) I already did my nail polish collection back in summer, so go and check that out, too, even though I have to update them ;)
Let's get started, shall we?!

Essence Sun Club LE bronzer in 01 DE-LIGHT-FULLY DELICIOUS

This is a chocolate-flavored bronzer from a limited edition by Essence, and it;'s a brown color with a slight gold shimmer. I don't really like it too much, I used to, but not anymore. I'll try to use it more often so I can finish it up, but I;'m not sure whether I'll be able to.

Essence Return To Paradise LE in 01 The Famous Flamingo

A very light Pink shimmery high;lighting powder, a little to light to be a blush. I like it, but it's not the best thing I ever used.

Essence Go Snow LE Cream Blush in 01 Snow Bunny

A brigh pink color, can be applied sheerly, and it's nice. Not my favorite, though. It's matte.

Essence Crazy About Color LE Multi Color Blush in 01 Colormania

Looks like a Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown and is not very pigmented. I like to use it as  a highlighter. It contains 5 different light shades, all shimmery, from cream to pink.

Essence Multi Color Blush in 01 How Cute Is That?

This blush is kinda coral pink colored, but not really pigmented. I barely use it, but if I do, then because it's a nice sheer color that gives a slight sheen. Here's a review *click*.

Yves Rocher Watercolor Effect Blush in Corail Nude

A gel blush from last yea's summer collection. It's coral, easy to apply and I like it for summer. It doesn't contain any shimmer or glitter.

Yves Rocher Touche de Blush

Really cute packaging and a nice brown color that I like to use to contour. It's matte.

Alverde Baked Blush in 10 Peach

Such a pretty color, I love it, it could be claimed to be my favorite. If I had to pick one blush to wear all the time, this'd be it. A shimmery, highly pigmented pink peach brown color. LOVE!! <3

MNY blush in 301

A cute peachy pink color with a gold shimmer. I like it a lot, makes a nice glow!

[b]basic mono eyeshadow in 13

I know that this is an eyeshadow, but the color is a peachy gold that is very glowy, so it's perfect as a blush. I like it for that purpose!

Catrice Urban Baroque LE Illuminating Powder in C01 Masquerade Ball

My favorite Highlighter (okay, I don't own a lot of them...)! Really pretty, cute design and gives a nice glow. Click for a review.

Catrice Floralista LE Duo Blush in C01 As Lively As Ever
My newest blush, and I like it a lot :) It has a pink and a coral side, is matte and well pigmented. Like! *click* for a review.

As you might be able to tell, I pretty much go for the same color scheme all the time. Most of the colors are pink or peach and they mainly contain a slight gold shimmer. I know that I always reach for the same colors, but I think they suit me best :) There is no berry or plummy color, maybe I should try that out some time :) But I've decided that I won't by that many color from my regular color scheme anymore. That just wouldn't make sense, don't you agree?!

I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. very nice blush collection, you seem to like shimmery ones a lot huh? i love blushes too and own quite a bit but none essence makes me want one

  2. @anabelle: yeah, that's kinda true ;)
    well, the ones by essence aren't the best ever, but I'm sure you have some pretty ones as well :)

  3. We used to have the Go Snow blush but the case broke and since we could not depot it and got little hairs from crappy brushes we threw it away. But it was kinda nice.

  4. @marox79: yeah, my go snow blush case broke, too. But I still have the top of the case, so I basically put it on. And I only use my clean fingers to get some product out, and then blend it on my cheeks with a brush.


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