Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentine's Series: EOTD #2

Hi dear readers,
today I have a new look for Valentine's Day: Smokey Eyes!
They're so basic, everyone should know how to do them! And they always look great :) I did a little varitation, it's not the total typical smokey eyes look, but smiliar.
I thought, some of you might be going out at night on Valentine's Day with their husband/boyfriend, so this would be something great to wear.
I decided to do it in the basic way, which means that the highlight is on the center of the lid and the inner and outer corner are dark. I made it black and grey, but you can use the color you like. Normal smokey eyes are way more smokey and blended, but I liked it that way today ;) Hope you still like it!

That's what you need:
- an eyeshadow base/primer (I used the RdLY one)
- eyeshadows in black, silver, grey and white (I got all of them from my 120 palette)
- a black pencil liner (I used the Essence Black Mania one)
- black mascara (I used the RdLY diamond wish one)

That's how to do it:
1. Prime your lid with your eyeshadow base.
2. Apply the white color (no matter if it's matte or shimmery) on the center of your lid.
3. Take a grey color and blend it into the white, going around it. The grey shouldn't be that dark.
4. Pick up a darker grey and blend it into the lighter grey. just fade it outward again, and also add a little bit to your outer lower lashline.
5. Add a thin black line to the outer line.
And then blend that out. It should complete the faded look. You can do it as smokey as you want to, I didn't do it that much. Also drag it up as far as you like to.
6. Add a black eyeliner line to your upper lashline and to your waterline. Also apply black mascara to pull the look together.

And that's it! It's not to hard to do, just be careful to blend well enough and to make the fade even!
Do you like it??
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch

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