Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentine's Series: Nail Art #2

Hey there,
today I have another nail art piece for Valentine's Day. I didn't do this one on my nails, because I didn't have enough time for a full manicure, so I just did it on a nail wheel. Hope you don't mind!
The design I did is pretty simple, it just takes some concentration and you need to be careful when drawing!

That's what you need:
- a base coat of you choice (I used Essence pro white french)
- an opaque white polish (I used Essence Stampy Polish in white)
- a bright red (I used p2 it's hot)
- a toothpick or other tool to draw with
- a top coat of your choice (I used Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat)

That's how to do it:
1. Use your base coat to protect your natural nails.
2. Paint all your nails with the white polish.
3. Pour some of the red polish onto a piece of paper and pick it up with your toothpick or other tool. Then draw some lip-shaped kisses onto your nails. It's pretty easy, just do a dew trials ahead of time, and then draw them carefully. For help, you can just look at a few pictures, like this one *click* Do as many kisses as you like, and make them as big or small as you like! :)
4. Seal your design with your favorite top coat.

I really like this design, it's easy but pretty, and it totally matched the whole Valentine's Day scheme. Do you like it??
xoxo, Misch

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