Tuesday, 1 February 2011

EOTD February 1st / Tutorial: Neutral Look

Hey there!
Today I have neutral look for you guys :)
I've always been doing this neutral look lately *click*, but then I got a little tired of it, so I did a new one :) Here we go:
it looks a little more intense in this pic...
That's what you need:
- a good eyeshadow base (I used RdLY eyeshadow base)
- a nice nude shimmery color (I used NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in yogurt)
- a matte brown shade that isn't too dark (I used the brown from the Essence Secrets of the past palette 02 babuschka's dream; it was limited)
- a matte off-white shade (I used the light color from the Essence Secrets of the past palette 02 babuschka's dream; it was limited)
- a black eyeliner (I used the Essence eyeliner pen)
- a brown eye pencil (I used the p2 perfect look kajal in brown)
- a mascara of your choice (I used the RdLY diamond mascara)

That's how to do it:
1. Apply your eyeshadow base all over your lid.
2. Apply your nude shimmer color onto your lid.
3. Pick up the brown color and apply it to your crease. I do this to shape my eye, to make it look bigger. So I don't really follow my natural crease but apply the shadow right over it. That gives the illusion of deeper, bigger eyes. I don't apply the color very heavily, just lightly, so you can use a sheer color, too. I also apply a tiny bit of this color along the outer third of my lower lashline.
4. Now take the off-white color onto a pencil brush, and apply that to the center of you lid, your inner corner and underneath your brow.
 5. Blend out the brown crease color with a fluffy blending brush.
6. Add your favorite black liner to your upper lashline.
7. Get some of the brown eyeliner pencil onto your waterliner, but not all the way in. Decide how far you drag it into by looking for what suits your eyeshape best.
8. Add mascara to your lashes.

And that's it :) It's very easy and pretty to do for every day.
What is your favorite every day look?
xoxo, Misch

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