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Book-Blogging #2: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling

Hey everyone!
Today I have another book review for you guys :)
First I want to talk about Harry Potter in general, and then get into the actual review for the book.
I love Harry Potter books so much, because it's all so amazing. I admire Joanne K. Rowling for being that creative and thinking of these huge things and creating a whole new world on this that got so famous! Everything's thought out so well, everything's intertwined and then turns out to be different in really life, partly really complicated. I think it's still good to understand and I really admire J.K.Rowling for being that amazing! <3
I've always been loving these books, and I started reading them when I was like 8 years old. I had to wait for some of the novels, but not all of them. And I've loved them every since, there's never been a huge disappointment or anything, I even used to play Harry Potter scenes with my friends :) When we were in elementy school we played Harry Potter all the time, and I was always Hermione. Back then, I was totally convinced that when I turned 11, I would get a letter from Hogwarts and be a witch one day ;) Unfortunately, the letter didn't come^^ ;)

Now onto Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the German title is Harry Potter und die Heiligtuemer des Todes). It's -of course- by Joanne K. Rowling, and the 7th and last novel in the Harry Potter Series. I already told you in this favs post from January that I love love love Harry Potter, and this is pretty much my favorite book from the series. It's been turned into a movie already, but only the first half of it. The second half of this book will hit cinemas this July. When we're already talking about Harry Potter movies, I wanna say that I like them a lot, and I honestly think that Harry Potter movies are some of the few that when a book was changed into a movie that it wasn't disappointing. I find most of the time books are way better that their movies, but it's not like that with this one.
Now let's get into the review:

The story is about Harry, Ron and Hermione on the hunt for the Horcruxes, getting to know about the Deathly Hollows and having a lot of problems on their way. I'm not gonna say more about the story, because it's very hard to do that without spoiling it ;) The spoiler part's gonna come later ;) What I already mentioned above - meaning why I love Harry Potter books - also applies to this book, of course. I love it! This is pretty much my favorite book from the Harry Potter series :) But I was also a little sad as I finished it - not because of the ending, but because it was the last book. I love Harry Potter so much (I like said this so so often in this post ;)) and it was kinda sad that this was the end of it. I mean, if she wanted to, Joanna K. Rowling could write another Harry Potter book for sure, but she said a few times that she won't. And it's kinda sad that an amazing series ends! This is a huge part of my childhood, so it's bad it ended :P But I'll keep reading the books over and over again :)
Now, SPOILER ALERT!! Only read this following part if you want to know parts of the story or already know them!
I was a little unhappy that they didn't return to Hogwarts in this book, because I always loved all the things that happenend there. It's like Hogwarts had totally it's own little magic. But it was also kinda interesting to have the three of them on their own. When Ron left them, I was pretty unhappy because that was really bad. Luckily he came back! I had no idea how they would be able to find all of the Horcruxes, but they somehow did ;) The story with the Deathly Hollows was really great, it totally worked with everything. I even remember that the name Peverell was already mentioned in several books before, so it shows again how well-thought-out these books are.
What I was surprised by was these whole Dumbledore stories that made him look way worse than you used to think of him! But the story with his little sister, that also worked with what he said in the end of novel #6 when he took that "drink", so another well-thought-out part of it :)
In this book, so many good people died: MadEye, Fred, Dobby (yeah, that was especially sad in the movie), Lupin, Tonks, and so on! :(
I liked the fact that Hermione and Ron kissed right before the end, that totally made sense :)
Harry died, and I was so shocked, but I kinda thought before that Harry could be the 7th Horcrux, so it didn't surprise me too much. Well, he luckily came back, and I thought it was so clever that he acted as if he was dead, and then defeated Voldemort (or do you prefer to say You-Know-Who??)! Smart idea, huh?!
And then, the very end, when they're all married and having kids and stuff...I liked it, it made sense, but part of me thought it was like almost like a forced happy ending...I don't know, it's still great :) And I think it leaves a little bit of space for another novel :) I know, sure, Voldemort is dead, but there could be something different happening ;) I'd be the happiest person in the whole world if Joanne K. Rowling decided to pick it up again and write another book, but unfortunately that's not very likely to happen :P
Well, that's that....quite a long post, but I just love Harry Potter (how often did I say that in this post?! A hundered times??) and had to talk about it :)
Do you love it as much as I do??
xoxo, Misch

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