Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spotted + Haul: Current LEs: Catrice etc.

Hi there! 
I just lately saw some LEs at the drugstore, and I bought a few things. First of the ones that I didn't buy things from:
Manhattan - London Calling

Alverde - My Perfect Day

Essence - I Love Berlin

I'm not gonna say anything anymore about these, if you want to know more about them, click the names and you'll see the products on Pinkmelon.de (except for the Alverde one)!

Now the ones I bought stuff from:
p2 - Make Up Parade
A cute little LE that didn't get that many good reviews from other bloggers, and I got the only thing that really interested me: the silver glitter polish top coat. It's called 01 groovy finish and a sheer polish with glitter particles and glitter sticks that is mainly meant as a top coat. It's not really meant to be opaque. But I like it :)
p2 glitter top coat - right: china glaze - sunset sail
Catrice - Floralista (click for pics on pinkmelon)
A really nice floral-themed LE that didn't seem that interesting to me at first. But when I saw it in real life, I liked it a lot :) It contained a lot of pretty stuff, and if I had more money I'd gotten more stuff ;) Take a look at it, it's pretty :) I got 2 polishes and the blush.
The blush 01 As Lively As Ever contains two colors, a coral and a pink. 
The design is really cute with the flowers :) The colors are matte and pretty bright. The blush is pretty pigmented, but you can apply it naturally. I can't really say that the colors are big enough to use them separately, but that depends on which brush you use. I prefer to use them mixed together, as one coral pink color. It lasts pretty long, but fades a little during the day.
The nail polishes I bought are in the colors C01 Pink Spring and C03 lavender breeze.
left: C01; right: C03
CO1 is a pretty bright pinkish purple shade, I like it a lot :) 
it's too pale in this pic :P
this pic shows the color perfectly
It's a nice spring color to me, and I immediately have to wear it! It's opaque with two coats, really cool. It's a creme polish, and not really that unique, but I still like it a lot! Weirdly enough, I didn't own a color like this before. Why?? I have no idea, it's pretty <3
C03 is a light light light pale lavender color that looks mainly white in the bottle.

to see the difference: above a true white (Essence Stampy Polish) and underneath Catrice - C03. You can tell the light lavender hint!
It's a creme polish, and surprisingly opaque with 2 coats. I expected it to be way more sheer because it's such a pale color, but it's pretty opaque! I like the color, because a polish that is that pale is not very common. You can mainly tell the lavender hint in it by comparing the polish to a true white.  

I like these things a lot :) What did you get from these LEs??
xoxo, Misch

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