Saturday, 23 October 2010

Review: Essence Multi Color Blush

Hi Beauties!
here's another review for a product from the new Essence permanent line: one of the multi color blushes!

Basic Information:
The blush is available in two colors, the one I got is called "How cute is that?" (love the name). It contains 5 gramms and costs around 2.75 Euros.

Color and Pigmentation:
The colors in this blush are white, light pink, peach, coral and light brown. They aren't shimmery or glittery, but not exactly matte either, it's more of a sheen. The single color stripes are really small, so you aren't able to use just one color, you have to take all of them. Mixed together they make a light rosy-peachy color.
The blush isn't exactly pigmented. You only get out enough when you really scrape your finger or brush into it. On the face, they aren't that visible, only like a sheen.
It's more like a highlighter, even for really light skintones.
The blush is pretty longlasting, you just won't notice it that much because the color is so light. It definitely stayed for a few hours.

+ price
+ longlasting
+ not full of glitter or shimmer

- color stripes are too small to use single colors
- very light, more like a highlighter, but no blush
- bad pigmentation

Do I recommend it?
Not really. If you are searching for a nice highlighter, this one might be good for you, but if you actually want the colors it seems to have, don't get it. It's not that much of a great product.

Does anyone of you own this blush as well? What do you think of it?
Until next time!
Bye, Misch

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