Sunday, 3 July 2011

Spotted: Catrice Out Of Space

Hey there!
I already showed you the Essence Ballerina Backstage LE today, and now I have a second LE to posts: Catrice's new Out Of Space LE!
First of, I wanna say that this LE surprised me, it's not really what you would expect in summer! This is rather something for New Year's or so, but it's definitely a nice change in summer.
Here's what the counter looks like:

In this LE you can get 5 different baked eyeshadows, 3 gel eyeliners, 1 double-ended eyeliner brush, 2 effect lipsticks, 1 make-up base and 4 nail polishes. Here *click* you can see them all on Pinkmelon.
The baked eyeshadows are called "baked eyeshadow planets", which I find cute :) They're all somewhat blue and/or silver. I got one of them, the color C05 Venus Vs. Mars. This one is blue, silver and orange, and looked the most interesting.
enlarge for full prettiness
The gel eyeliners were all pretty, and not too common. I was tempted to buy the metallic blue one, but I told myself I wouldn't use it too often anyway.
I don't need an eyeliner brush, so I didn't get the one available in this LE.
The effect lipsticks I forgot to try out :/ But I was sure not to buy them anyway, because I don't wear stuff like that.
The make-up base looked nice, but there was no tester and I don't use an base anyway, so I passed this one.
The polishes were all so so pretty, and I was tempted to buy them all. But in the end I only bought 3 of the 4 available ones. The first one is C01 My Milkyway, and it's a off-white shimmery milky polish. It's called a Color Changing Top Coat, and you can definitely use it for this. Applied over another polish, it adds a blue kinda shimmer. The next polish I got is C03 Beam Me Scotty!, and it's a black with a teal hue and a lot of silver glitter. When you apply it to a nail wheel, it dries almost matte, and the way it looks reminds me a lot of OPI's Suedes. And the last polish, C04 Moonlight Express, is a black with a blue hue and blue and silver glitter/shimmer. Application of  both the darker polishes was good, 2 coats were enough. The first polish looks great over both darker shades.
C01 My Milkyway

left: C04, right: C03

You have to enlarge the pics to see it all better :)
So I really liked this LE, especially the nail polishes! What did you get from this LE?
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. Yes, the colours are not what one would expect for a summer make-up LE.
    Thanks for the tag, btw.

  2. @marox: yeah, right?!
    sure, you're welcome :)

  3. I wish we have Catrice here! :-(
    You were smart with the gel-liners, they get dry so fast! I bought too many at the same time! It´s much better to have one or two basics and then buy eye pencils with different colours.

  4. @Salander: :/
    that's a good idea, I didn't even think of the thing with the pencil liners ;) thanks!

  5. Wow, apparently Germany is a complete month ahead of the Netherlands with the Catrice Limited Editions! Today I finally found the Papagena collection, but I can't wait to get my hands on these products. Especially the nailpolishes and the eyeshadow planets are too cool :D

  6. @Tessa: well, then I hope for you that you'll get it soon :) Did you buy anything from the papagena LE?


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