Saturday, 9 July 2011

Review: Essence Ballerina Backstage LE Eye Soufflé in 02 Pas Des Copper

Hi there!
Today I finally have the review about the Essence Ballerina Backstage LE Eye Soufflé in 02 Pas Des Copper for you, because many of you wanted to see it! Here you go:

  • part of the Ballerina Backstage LE
  • costs 2,25 Euros for 2.8 g
  • is a cream eyeshadow in a pot
  • has a shimmery metallic copper color
  • price
  • texture: really light, you only need a tiny bit, and it's smooth, no scratchy glitter particles
  • easy to apply and blend out
  • a nice base color to use underneath some other colors
  • really pretty on its own
  • doesn't smear 
  • when worn alone, the color fades during the day, sometimes there's only shimmer left
  • when doing school sports, this creased on me, even though I was wearing an eyeshadow primer!
  • the gorgeous shimmer doesn't pay off that much on the eye
slightly applied with fingers; pic taken after about 5 hours of wear 
So you can see, it's a nice product, but not too great. To me the bad wear is a huge minus to this product, because what do I want with a pretty product if it doesn't stay? I don't really recommend it to people with oily lids, because I have normal ones, and it creased on me during sports, although I had an eyeshadow base on!
And there's something else I find: the color's pretty similar to 070 Mr. Copper's Fields by Catrice. 
If you want to get the gorgeous color but want to leave out the bad wear, get the pressed eyeshadow by Catrice! I think it's a tad lighter, with a little more shimmer and a little more rosy-toned in direct comparison. But that are only slight differences, and I think we could talk about a close dupe here, but only for the color. The Catrice one is no cream eyeshadow!
So, you have to decide for yourself whether you want this. I don't totally recommend it, but it's still okay.
What do you think? Will you get it?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. We got our first Catrice e/s yesterday, a gorgeous blue in 'Petrol keeps me running'. When we swatched it at the store the pigmentation blew us away, so it might not be our last.

  2. Oh! What a shame!
    The colour is very nice but my lids are really oily, probably the most oily in the world.
    Thanks a lot for this review, it helped me a lot!

  3. @marox: yeah, i def recommend the catrice one! :)

    @Salander: well, then it's not really something for you ;) sure, you're welcome!


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