Thursday, 28 July 2011

Book-Blogging #6: My own Harry Potter Tag!

Hi guys,
this post is just for fun, and if you're not in the mood for some fun, click away, okay?! :D
I know I'm crazy, but I just had to do this: I invented my own Harry Potter tag! If you don't want to read about my love to Harry Potter anymore, go ahead and tell me, or otherwise I'll go on telling you about my addiction :D
Here you go for the questions:
1. When did you start reading Harry Potter?
I think I was about 8 years when I started reading it :) And I haven't stopped ever since, I love reading it all the time!
2. Why do you like Harry Potter books?
I think they're amazingly written, the story's great and really complex, and it's one of the best book series I've ever read!
3. What is so special about Harry Potter books in your opinion?
Everything! The whole story is invented so creatively, and everything's just fitting into one big picture. Friendship, love, bravery, it all plays a role in it, and all of the characters are described so well!
4. Do you like Harry Potter movies?
Yes I do :) They will never be better than the books, but they're still great! A lot of times, when a book is turned into a movie, the movie's really disappointing (I'm looking at you, Twilight!). But Harry Potter movies never disappoint, they're great :)
5. Compare Harry Potter books and movies!
The books are of course way more detailed, and all of the stories are easier to describe. The movies, however, are visual, which makes some things easier to understand or to show. With the books, you can play with your own creativity, whereas in the movies, everything's set and you can't image in anymore.
6. Who's your favorite character?
I don't really have one, but when I was little that used to be Hermione. I dressed up like her for carnival and Halloween and also played it with my friends :)
7. Which one is your favorite book of the series?
I love all of them, but I think I love The Deathly Hallows most :) It was the best book in my opinion :D
8. Which one is your least favorite book of the series?
Even though I love them all, I have one that I don't like as much as all the others, and that's number 6, The Half-Blood Prince. I don't know why, but I think it's my least favorite because is wasn't as exciting as the other books.
9. Tell us about one of your favorite quotations!
That changes a lot of times, depending on which book I read last and stuff. But currently that's "After all this time? - Always." out of the last book, when Snape's full story is told.
10. Do you think Joanne K. Rowling should write another Harry Potter book?
Yes, definitely! But not one that is just an additional book to satisfy the fans! If she writes one, I want a real story, and one that is as good as the others. So maybe it's better to keep it at this point where it is, and not ruin it by some weird continuation.

I hope you liked this tag, and if you're just a teeny tiny Harry Potter fan, you have to do this tag :D
And here are some links concerning Harry Potter that I like:
I'll see ya soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Haha! You are crazy! Haha! I don't know if I am fun enough to do this tag. You are even asking about quotations! Too professional for me ;-)

  2. @Salander: haha, I know ;)


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