Friday, 15 July 2011

120 Palette Swatching Series: Upper Half, 3rd Row

Hey guys,
today I'm finally getting around to going on with my 120 Palette Swatching Series, and it's time for a green row! Let's get started:

1 Here we have a really light yellow-toned green with a little bit of shimmer.
2 This one is a shimmery vibrant light green, almost Shrek-like.
3 This color's a mix between number1 and 2, but it's matte.
4 Here we have the matte version of number 2.
5 This is another vibrant light green, but not as yellow-toned as the previous 4 ones.
6 A venomous green, matte, and really rich.
7 Another matte, and this is a tad darker than number 6.
8 Compared to number 6 and seven, this one's a rather blue toned green.
9 Here we have an emerald matte.
10 This one's a mix color, and it's bright green and yellow, which makes a yellow-toned green, like number 2.
in the sun
in the shade
in the sun
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in the sun
That's it about these colors! Do you like them? Do you think they're somehow wearable?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I like the teal on #9. Like the Shrek-like description, lol. Very fitting.

  2. @marox: it's a really pretty one :) i might do a look with it soon :)
    haha, I had to mention that!

  3. I love these intense greens for summer time! Maybe mixed with gold tones...

  4. @Salander: that's a great idea, thanks! I'll try it with a gold shade soon!


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