Tuesday, 26 July 2011

120 Palette Swatching Series: Upper Half, 4th Row

Hi there!
Today I have a new swatching post for you, and I'll be showing you the 4th row of my 120palette. It contains green shades, like the row in the last post did. Here you go:

1 Here we have a shimmery, almost glittery bright vibrant green.
2 This shade has smaller shimmer particles, and it's also a tad more muted than number 1.
3 Here we have a lighter green shade with a pearl.
4 This green has a slight gray touch to it, that makes it look more muted. It also has a slight sheen.
5 This darker green has this chunky silver glitter in it.
6 This shade is similar to number 4, but it's matte.
7 This is a teal/emerald green with shimmer.
8 Here we have about the same color as in number 7, but the shimmer's chunkier.
9 This emerald green is a little chalky and has a nice shimmer.
10 And last but not least, a mix color of a light and a dark green, which makes a medium green together, surprise, surprise ;)
I'm sorry there are no full swatches of all 10 colors, and also none in the sun, but these pictures just didn't turn out good :/

I hope you liked this post! Do you want to see an EOTD with any of these colors?
Until next time, xoxo, Misch


  1. Taking pictures that reflect the real, true-to-life colours is sometimes very difficult. Greens and blues are maybe the hardest to photograph, I think.

    An EOTD would be nice. I was tempted by this palette but ended up getting the big one from Claire's as the colours are more wearable.

  2. @marox: you're totally right! But I think these pictures look pretty close to the colors in real life. I personally think that reds are the hardest to picture ;)

    okay, I'll do one for you soon :)
    that's a good idea, these shades are not often wearable.

  3. Cool tones for summer, I like over all the 7 and 9
    What about a colorful look?
    Did you like the Aqua Flash look I published this week? :-)

  4. @Salander: okay, there'll be one coming soon :)
    Yes, I do, it's really pretty on you ;)


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