Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Review: p2 Profi Time! High Definition Concealer in 010 Beige

Hey everyone,
today I have a review about a product I already mentioned in my June Favs: the p2 Profi Time! High Definition Concealer in 010 Beige. Let's see how I liked it!

  • costs 2,95 Euros for 10 ml of product
  • available at DM and Budni
  • is available in 2 colors, and this one is the darker shade, 010 beige
  • promises high coverage, to stay 16h and to be smudge- and waterproof
  • price is okay
  • this darker shade adapts to my lighter skin perfectly and is a good match
  • medium coverage: good for dark circles and blemishes
  • stays all day long, even though I didn't try the full 16 hours, it definitely lasts an entire school day
  • is smudge-proof
  • the applicator is okay to get the product onto you hand and then with the finger onto the face
  • it seems like it has slight light-reflecting pigments in it
  • has a nice consistency: not too dry, and also not liquid
  • you only need a really tiny amount
  • it's easy to get out the right amount of product that you need
  • availability
  • only 2 different shades available: you have to be lucky to find a matching one
  • the applicator isn't really good for applying it directly onto your face
  • is not waterproof like it promises
  • doesn't have really high coverage as it promises, to me it's only medium
without anything on
with just a little bit of the concealer on
The applicator is a plastic thingy, and when you squeeze the bottle, a little amount comes out. I prefer to get a little amount on the back of my clean hand, and then apply it to my face with my ring finger. That way it's really easy.
I really like this concealer, it's enough for my skin, and it's easy to apply and use. 
The shade looked really dark when I put it on my palm, but when you blend it in, it's lighter and adapts to the skin better. The other shade, 020 ivory, is a little lighter in my opinion, so that might be something for me when it's winter and I'm a little paler. 
directly out of the tube
blended out
So if you find a matching shade, I really recommend getting this concealer, it's a good one!
Does anyone own it, too?
I'll see you soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. It sounds really good. What is budni? I don´t remember tat store when I was in Germany...

  2. @Salander: budni is another little drugstore, but it's not everywhere and a lot of cities don't have one anywhere near them. here's the homepage: http://www.budni.de/ :)

  3. Cool, worth information, thanks! ;-)

  4. @Salander: sure, glad you liked it!


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