Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review: Catrice Out Of Space LE nail polish in C01 My Milkyway

Hey guys!
From the Out Of Space LE from Catrice I got one polish, called C01 My Milkyway, that is actually a "color changing top coat". I barely do nail polish reviews, but with this one it's possible, since it's a topper.
The color is a milky shade with blue fine shimmer, that adds like a duo-chrome to the nails. The brush is the normal Catrice one, rather short, a little thicker and it fans out easily. The formula of the polish is nice, it's not too thin or thick. When you apply the topper on it's own, you can barely see anything, only a slight blue shimmer when you move your nails in the sunlight. Applied over a darker polish, it adds an interesting blue hue to it. 
OPI We'll Always Have Paris SUEDE: left on its own, right with the topper
p2 Eternal: left on its own, right with the topper
Essence Stamp Me White!: left on its own, right with the topper
China Glaze Outta Bounds: left on its own, right with the topper
bare nail: left on its own, right with the topper
But there's one problem I personally have: When I put this polish over another on the nail wheel, it looks all pretty and nice and even, but when I add it to my real nails, it's not so pretty anymore. Then the shimmer is not even, the milkiness is stronger in one place that it is in the other, and it's just not as stunning :/ That's why I don't really like to wear it!
with the other polishes from that LE *click*
Essence has a similar polish in their range, the Nail Art Special Effect Topper in 05 Time for Reflection. It don't know whether they are exact dupes, since I don't own the Essence one, but in the bottle and on online swatches they look kinda similar.
So if you somehow can't get your hands on this, because it's limited edition, you can still try out the Essence permanent version. Maybe that one's easier to apply, too.
Does anyone have the same problem with the evenness on the real nails? Or is it just my natural nails?
I hope you liked the review!
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. You can write more nail polish reviews. I like them, ;)

  2. @marox: okay, thank you :)

  3. I like the effect, I don't have any of these toppers but I never had that problem in my nails with another ones...

  4. @Salander: yeah, it was a little weird...but I can't change it...

  5. Was just Googling for this polish and found someone had stolen your review. Thought you might want to know.

    You can find it here -

  6. @Slayer3: OMG! Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll do something against that, looks like there are more posts of mine on this blog...:/


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