Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blogging-Techniques: What I Find Important Concerning Other Blogs

Hi guys!
I was asked to do an episode of Blogging-Techniques about what is important to me when I read other blogs, what kind of things make me subscribe and sometimes even unsubscribe. So here you go :)
Some of the things that are important to me when reading a blog are things that I personally try to do on my blog, too. Sometimes that works better or worse, but I still try my best.
It often happens that you stumble across a blog that looks pretty promising and nice at first sight. But before I subscribe to a blog, I always look through the whole blog and watch out for a few things.
Here's my list:
  • How often do they blog?  - I don't want to subscribe to a blog that only has a post up every few weeks. So the latest post should at least be published in the past 7 days or something, and I also look a bit through the blog's history to see that :)
  • About what topics do they blog? - if the blog's about like 5 topics, but only one of them interests me, then I'm not sure whether I'll enjoy the blog as much.
  • Is there a nice variation of posts? - I like change, and if they blog only about one thing all the time, it's a little hard for me to like the blog.
  • Do they have good quality pictures? - If the pictures they use aren't good ones, that's not a blog I'll like. Only cellphone camera pics are just not enough.
  • Is the language they use good? - When I read a blog, I really want to find a nicely written text, and not some ghetto-like (sorry for that expression) stuff.
  • Do they do honest reviews? - I always compare stuff they talk about, and if they have only bad or only good reviews, it might not be too honest.
  • Are they sponsored? - I don't have anything against people who are sponsored and talk about stuff that was provided for them, but if they only talk about things they've gotten for free, I don't like it too much.  
  • Do they have a personality that seems likable to me? - On a lot of blogs, you can find parts of their personality how they write their posts and about what. And the "About Me" part also helps a lot with this. I don't really subscribe to a blog by someone who doesn't seem likable to me.
That's what I try to look for :) And luckily, most of these things are true with a lot of blogs I discover :)

Have I ever unsubscribed? Yes, I actually have, but only when either the whole blog atmosphere or topic section changed, or when they stopped blogging. It's not nice to unsubscribe, and I don't like to do that, because when you see on your blog that you have less followers than before, that's a negative feeling. But sometimes you just have to do it...

Now, tell me: What is important to you? Have you ever unsubscribed? And what do you want for a future episode of Blogging-Techniques? I'd like to know :)
Until next time,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I've already unsubscribed from a few blogs (but don't worry about the owners, they had about 1000 followers at that moment) not because they were sponsored, but because they only did positives reviews and posts with advertising content.

    I really like this kind of posts, thanks a lot! The next post maybe it could be about the general appearance of the blog.

  2. Basically I take into account the same things: the way it's written, the quality of the pics and things like that. Obviously, none of us are Nobel-prize recipients, but I like to read a blog that's written paying some attention to the content and not like an SMS. Bad-quality pics put me off too. Some girls have only blurry mobile-phone pics that are not much help for swatches, for example.

  3. @kashmir: i'm glad you liked the post :) that's true, with things like that I'd unsubscribe, too! Whar exactly do you mean when saying general appearance? I mean, what do you want to hear?

    @marox: you're totally right! That can be really annoying!!

  4. There's some blogs where you can't read the text because of the colour of the typography and background, the size... or it's really a mesh and you can't find where's the button to suscribe to the blog, the tags, the past posts... I don't know if it's enough for writing a post, but i wanted to gice u some ideas =)

  5. @kashmir: okay :D that sure gives me some ideas! i'll try to incorporate it in a post :)

  6. Hey! That was my request too!
    My feeling id that some people just subscribe to a blog to take part in giveaways. That is ok. But then they unsubscribe! Why? Just because they didn't win the giveaway! Crazy!
    I don't use to unsubscribe, but as my time is limited, I just check the blogs I like.
    I agree with you in all the points, overall the bad language make me feel angry...just check in the dictionary how to write a word! Just 2 seconds!

  7. @Salander: I know, right?! that is so so annyoing!


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