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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie Review

Hey there!
I'm just too excited about this movie, so I had to write a review about it!
First of, a few facts: (all of these are based on the facts here in Germany at my local cinema!)
  • it's 130 minutes long
  • it's in 3-D
  • the official Germany start was 7/14/, but a few cinemas, like mine here, already did previews on 7/13/
  • the official US and UK launch was on 7/15/
  • it was the last Harry Potter movie ever
  • it's completing the last book, the first part came out last November 
Now this review's really hard to write without any spoilers, so I probably won't be able to do that :/ I'm trying to, but let me already warn you ahead of time: If you haven't read the book and/or haven't seen the other movies, this might be a little full of spoilers :/ And if you don't want to know any details yet, because you're gonna watch the movie soon, go ahead and click the little red X on the right corner. Don't tell me afterwards that because of this post you're not looking forward to it anymore, because I warned you :D

Now, the movie starts with repeating the last 30 seconds of the first Deathly Hallows movie, and that's good here. There was luckily no "Previously on Harry Potter" or anything, that was great.
In the beginning, all of the events were really quick one after the other, seeming to be heading directly to the big battle of Hogwarts. But that fact didn't make the movie worse, it was just a little rushing.
To me, in this movie there was the right amount of dramatic, emotional and funny scenes. Everything seemed to be perfect the way it was, and it just all fitted.
The original song, Hedwig's Theme *click*, was used pretty often, and that was great. I love that theme, it just screams Harry Potter, and I liked it that way!
Since I love Harry Potter so much, I would have loved the movie to be way longer, even though 130 minutes are already pretty long! But almost nothing got left out, the only thing that wasn't fully there was Dumbledore's story. It got mentioned, but not as detailed and clear as it is in the books.
Snape's story was one of the highlights in my opinion, it was made really good! I liked that, it worked so well and just completed the story of everything!
Right before the battle started and also during the battle, it all looked so amazing! I found myself staring at the screen when all the spells and enchantments lit it, and it was just so so awesome!
A few scenes were a little bit different than in the books, but it all worked and wasn't weird, even not to a person like me who read the books like a thousand times. I'm not gonna tell you what, though, so it's not all spoiled here and you can see it in the movie :D
Sometimes it got a little sad, when people died and stuff, and it was always the right mix of emotional and dramatic. It just worked with the whole story. But you don't see everyone die in the movie.
The end was good, too, but I have a little mixed feelings about it. When they were at Hogwarts, after the battle was won, I would have wanted it to end. But they did the "19 years later" thing like in the books. It was okay, and it didn't destroy the movie's great image, but to me it just wasn't necessary. The end could have been great without it, too.
All of the effects were done nicely, you could definitely tell that they put a lot of effort and money into it.
The 3-D effect during the whole movie was great! Really good quality, almost no blurry edges or anything, and it was good to watch. Sometimes 3-D can cause a really bad headache, but this one didn't. But it also wasn't used all time. I mean, of course, the complete movie with on exception was in 3-D. But not every second there was something "coming out" of the screen, sometimes the 3-D only made it all look more real.

A few fun facts:
The first sentence in the movie is spoken by Luna, and the first sentence Harry says is a few seconds later, and it is "It's time to talk to the goblin" or something like that ;) I don't know the exact words, since I only saw it in German ;)

After all, I have to say I love love love it!! It was so so awesome! Probably the best Harry Potter EVER! It's the finale, and it's epic, like it's supposed to be. I really have to say, if you are just the tiniest bit of a Harry Potter fan, GO WATCH IT! I think I'm gonna go watch it a second time, because I loved it that much! Harry Potter movies never disappoint, and neither did this one. AWESOME!

To me, Harry Potter's not over just because the last movie came out. Sure, it definitely has a sad touch to it, because there won't be anything new about it now anymore, but Harry Potter's just so epic that it'll go on anyway! I'll never stop watching the movies and reading the books :) <3

I hope I didn't bore you to death now, but I just had to talk about it! If you made it through the whole post, reading everything: You're awesome :D
And I'm a freak :D :D <3
Did anyone see the movie already, too?
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Haha! You are a real fan!
    I didn't watch the movie so far, but I agree with you about Snape's Story, I think it's key and well described in the books. I am looking forward to see how they represented in the movie :-)

  2. @Salander: yes I am, how did you know?! :D just kidding!


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