Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Lipstick Collection

Hey everyone,
I already did my Nail Polish Collection in a few parts a while back, *click* for the post with links to all of them. Then I did my Blush Collection here *click*, and now here are my Lipsticks!

my bare lips
Essence Lipstick in 35 American Beauty

I don't know if it's available anymore, but not under this name, I think. It's a pink, nude glitter color. The color itself doesn't really show on the lips, but the glitter is pretty obvious. It has a very high-shine finish and glides on easily, but the glitter's chunky. I don't really wear it that often.

TheBodyShop colourglide lipstick in 42 dusk pink

I already reviewed this one here *click*, read through the review to get an idea of what it is like. Basically a nude color, but very sheer. You can basically see nothing at all on the pics...:P

p2 lipstick in 020 sunset boulevard

A very pale pink that I like. It has a shiny finish and is very opaque. I did a LOTD post with it here *click*. It's a little too pale for me.

Catrice Oceana Collection in 02 Ocean Sunrise

I love love love this color so much! It was in my 2010 favs post *click*, because ever since I got it in the summer of that year. It's a pink coral color, so pretty! It's a little bit shiny, but doesn't contain any shimmer.

Catrice Expect the Unexpected Collection in 03 Purposely Purple

A funky purple color with a slight gold shimmer. It's very crazy, and not really wearable, but you can tone it down or wear it for special occasions.

Catrice LongLasting lipstick in 01 lasting pink

I once got this one because I was gonna get the Maybelline Lipstick in Summer Pink, and this one has the same exact color but was like 5 bucks less expensive. Unfortunately it got discontinued, but if you like the color, you can still get the Maybelline one! It's really longlasting, a bright cool-toned pink that's very shimmery with a pretty visible blue hue in it.

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 060 Teddy Brown

A warm, brownish red color, really pretty. It's kinda new to the sortiment and I like it a lot. Review you'll find here *click*.

NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
A very neutral color, almost skin-toned. I naturally have dark lips, so it makes me look kinda washed out. So that's why I mainly use this color as a base for bright lipglosses like here *click* with a purple and here *click* with a pink.

RdL Lipstick in 101
One of my first lipsticks, a nice red-orange fall color. It's pretty bright, but you can layer it and tone it down. It's matte and very warm.

RdL Lipstick in 27 

It's a neutral pink with a slight gold shimmer that is a nice every-day color. Like it! Unfortunately it has a kinda dry fomula...The gold hue makes it look not too cold.

[b]basic mineral lipstick in 020 pealy apricot

I already showed this one in this haul *click* a long time ago, and it's basically a shimmery apricot color, but pretty sheer. I don't like it too much because of the taste and the metallic finish.

So these are my lipsticks! I already introduced you to a few colors in fall, so click here to see more pictures!
Do you want review of anything? Feel free to ask!
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Awesome post! Very detailed and great swatches!
    I am back from Las Vegas, ready to read all your updates ;-)

  2. @Salander: glad you like it! I enjoy doing these posts a lot, it's fun to do all of the swatches!
    that's cool :D hope you had a great time in vegas!

  3. @Salander: that's really great :)


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