Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: P2 Sun City LE - Eyeshadow Brush

Hey guys,
today's review is  about an eyeshadow brush from the Sun City LE by p2 that'll be available all summer long.

The brush costs 2.95 Euros at dm and has a black handle and orange bristles. It's a double-ended brush with a more fluffy side and a stumpy hard one. The fluffy side is nice to apply anything in as light wash of color, whereas the stumpy side is perfect to apply the eyeshadow for example as a under-eye liner.

the stumpy side
the fluffy side
The hair is not the softest ever, but it's still not scratchy. The orange hair is getting dirty easily, so the eyeshadow color will show in the bristles. That's one of the reasons it's important to clean it properly. But also you wanna do that to avoid any eye infection! The brush's easy to wash and doesn't lose any hair, at least is hasn't so far. Only thing that happened to me was that the stumpy side kinda lost some of its color and the water got a bit orange...I hope that'll stop with the next time washing it.

A negative point to it is that because of the double-ending it's not exactly easy to store. But you can find a way for that, and you can even keep it in the container it comes in. It's not the worst thing ever.

I mainly use the stumpy little side because you can apply quite opaque lines with it or use it to smudge lines. The other side of the brush is fine, too, but only for a swipe of color.
I do recommend it, if you're looking for a brush like this, get it. You'll get nice quality for the price, but not the best one ever :)
That's it about this brush ;) Did anyone get it, too?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Could be very handy when you travel.

  2. These look nice..I wish we had this in the U.S?

  3. @marox79: yeah, that's right, I didn't even think of this, but it's totally true! :) Thanks for lettin me know.

    @Innhits: Yeah, that's really a pity that you can't get anything everywhere...but you also have some really cool brands in the U.S. that we don't have here in Germany :)

  4. I agree with Marox, useful for travel. I love my Sigma brushes but I usually bring with me cheaper brushes when I travel just in case...

  5. @Salander: yeah, that's right :) sigma brushes are great, I think so too :) yeah, I know that, I'm always afraid that I kinda destroy my "good" brushes when I take them with me ;)


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