Sunday, 12 September 2010

My favorite lip colors for fall!

Hey guys,
in my opinion, fall (or call it autumn if you want) is THE time of the year to wear fun, bold, dark and bright lip colors! I have a few favorites and I'm going to show them to you now!

Rival de Loop Lipstick in 101 (I believe this one is discontinued; on the picture it's a bit washed out):
It's a orage-ish red matte lipstick that almost screams fall.

Rival de Loop Pure Lips Lipgloss in 016 (Don't know if this is still available):
It's a red lipgloss with silver shimmer, but it's not a dark on the lips as it is in the bottle. To me, this one is perfect for fall and winter.

Essence Eclipse Collection in 01 Lunch at Cullen's (It was Limited Edition):
A dark, red shimmery lipgloss, super opaque. I like it for night time, becuase it's really dark.

Manhattan Water Flash Lipgloss in 46D (I reviewed this one HERE):
A bright, shiny pink color, it's more of a summer color, but I think it's wearable in fall, too.

Maybelline Watershine Elixir Lipstick in Vibrant Violet (I got it on sale, so it might be discontinued):
A shimmery purple-y pink, that is more lipgloss than a lipstick. Love the color.

NYX Girls Gloss in 14 Queen of Africa:
A blue-ish purple lipgloss with shimmer, that isn't that intense on the lips, but it's still purple.

Catrice Expect the Unexpected Collection Lipstick in C03 Purposely Purple (It's Limited Edition, but available at the moment):
A crazy, but fun purple color with gold shimmer, definitely not something for every day.

What I would wear with these colors: A very neutral eye, either my neutral color pop without the color on the lower lashline or just a thin black eyeliner line and mascara. The cheeks should be very natural, too.

What to keep in mind: If you really want to rock this bright lip look, you should be careful that nothing gets onto your teeth (very bad!), that it gets outside of your lip (you might want to use a lipliner, no matter if it's a clear or a colored one) or that it fades after you had lunch (or dinner) and you run around with a half painted lip (just reapply your color after you ate something). You should also not over-do it with the rest of your make-up.

I hope you liked it! And, what are your favorite lip colors for fall? Do you love bright lips or do you wear a nude lip every day?
I'll see you soon! Bye, Misch


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  2. @Ere: the natural mascara you linked in your comment looks really good! :)


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