Saturday, 9 April 2011

NOTD April 9th: Lavender Nail Art

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry to post another nail art design since I already did one yesterday, but I don't have anything else to post yet because my next reviews are still taking some more trying out...:P Hope you don't mind!
This nail art piece was actually made-up by myself. I'm not really a creative person, but when I saw my mom's glass to hold a candle with the lavender on it, I knew I had to do it on my nails. And I did :)
That's what you need:
- a base coat (I used Essence Pro White French)
- a light blue shade (I used China Glaze - Sea Spray)
- a light minty green polish (I used Catrice - Sold Out Forever)
- a little darker green color (I mixed Catrice - Sold Out Forever and OPI - Jade Is The New Black)
- a toothpick to draw everything
- a lavender violet polish (I mixed OPI - Do You Lilac It? and Catrice - Pink Spring)
- a top coat (I used Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat)

That's how to do it:
1. Use your base coat on all of your nails to protect them.
2. Apply the light blue color to the upper two thirds of your nails.
3. Apply the light green color to the rest of the nail. It can overlap a little with the light blue, that's no problem.
4. Pick up the darker green with the toothpick and draw some grasses and the lavender's stamp.
5. Use your toothpick and the violet color to draw the lavender flower part. You can create them the easiest way by just making some dots around the stamp you already drew.
6. Seal you design with your top coat for protect it.
Well, this design takes quite a few steps and colors, but if you do them properly it's really easy :)
I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I don't think I have the patience nor the time (or talent!) to try something like that.


  2. @marox79: thanks :) well, i think if you really wanted to do it, you could :) it's really all about practice! :)

  3. Wow! And that is without "being a very creative person" ;-)

  4. @Salander: haha, it's really true, I'm not really creative ;) but I'm glad you like it!


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