Sunday, 3 February 2013

Review: Essence Hugs & Kisses LE Lip Scrub 01 Be My Valentine

Hi everyone!
Time to review the last product from Essence's Hugs & Kisses LE, the lip scrub! Here you go:
  • Essence Lip Scrub 01 Be My Valentine
  • part of the Hugs & Kisses LE, January 2013
  • comes in a little pot
  • has a jelly consistency with little exfoliating particles in it
  • costs 1,95 Euros
  • contains 5g
  • price
  • nice consistency
  • the particles are gentle, they feel a little like sugar scrub particles
  • it exfoliates nicely
  • has a very nice fruity sweet scent
  • it removes dead skin cells very well
  • it's limited
  • it might be too much exfoliation for sensitive lips
  • it dries out your lips a little
After all, I really like this lip scrub! It works well for my lips, and for me it's normal to use a moisturizer afterwards so my lips don't dry out. If your lips aren't that sensitive, I'll recommend it for you :)
Has anyone of you tried it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I'd rather use my Lush and The Beauty Bakery Lip Scrubs, cuz they don't dry out the skin :)

  2. I'm surprized that Essence came out with a product like that, maybe they'll make it part of the permanent line :)

    1. oh, that's a good idea, they really should make it permanent!


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