Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween: NOTD October 31st: Blood Splatter

Hey guys,
Here's my final for today, Halloween! I did a mani that is kinda similar to one I already did quite a while back here *click*. But I think this time I did a better job :D
For the base color I chose a nude, Manhattan 95E. And the splatter was again done with a straw and 2 different reds: China Glaze - Hey Sailor! and Essence - Thirsty. I used 2 reds to make it look a bit more creepy, like wet and dried blood :D It's not too creepy, though, it's also kinda pretty :)
Here you have a swatch of Manhattan 95E on its own. It was part of the Manhattan and Buffalo collection, and I'm so glad I bought this one, because it's a perfect neutral nude that just needs 1 coat if you paint a little thicker! YAY!
I like this mani a lot, and if I went to a costume party tonight, I'd be a vampire :)
And btw, I'm totally gonna do this mani with dark blue one day, so it'll look like splattered ink :D
What have you planned for Halloween? Are you even doing something? Or staying at home like I do?
See you!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Blood spatter, very CSI actually. Lol.

  2. Wow! Amazing! It looks like real blood! It is cool for a vampire look!
    I will stay at home friend :-)

  3. That's a really cool look!

  4. @marox: haha, that's right :D

    @Salander: thanks :) yes, me too :)

  5. @confessions of a Beauty-holic: thank you :)

  6. hi =D

    cool , i really want to try it ..

    i tried to do it when i sow your last post about it .. but it didn't work out , don't know why

    my polish was drying before it go to my nail .. it was a mass ..i don't know why

    and i did tried different polish brands ,and it's all the same

    don't know what is the problem .. can you help plZ ?

    any ideas ?

    and really thanx a lot

  7. @Mary: Unfortunately I have no idea how the polish could dry so soon! Just make sure you get a few drops, about 3, onto a piece of paper, pick it up with your straw and then blow it onto the nail. One short but strong blow will work best!
    Maybe your polish dried up around the edge of the straw and that's why it didn't transfer onto the nail. You need to be a bit quick with this I guess, and make sure there's some polish all over the end of the straw, not just on the sides.
    Do you get what I mean?
    I really hope this somehow helps you out because I don't really know what went wrong with your try...


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