Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Polish Storage!

Hi everyone,
I just arranged my new nail polish storage and I'm so proud of it! I got a Helmer!
Yes, the Helmer every big nail polish addict is using, the one from IKEA. It's so so cool for storage! Since my collection is, compared to a lot of the other fanatics out there, pretty small, I just need 1 Helmer and I'm only using 4 drawers. They're nowhere close to being full, but it's just so great anyway!
I haven't decided on how to organize the polishes, and for now they're just organized by color, and all in one crowd.
The first drawer contains yellows, golds, glitters, whites, etc. as well as peaches, oranges and reds. The second one holds pinks and purples, and the third one blues and greens. In the last drawer I keep browns, grays, blacks etc. as well as care stuff and all kinds of tools. They all also have the matching nail wheels.
#1: yellows, golds, glitters, whites; peaches, oranges, reds
#2: pinks; purples
#3: blues; greens
#4: browns, grays, blacks; nail care; tools
Do you have any kinds of ideas for organisation? Because I want it to be a little more structured.
Do you keep your polishes in Helmers?
See you all soon!
xoxo, Misch


  1. Great! I wish I had one like yours with so much empty space. Right now I have no room for one single nailpolish!
    I use to organize them by brand :-)

  2. Wow what a collection!i liked all the shades.

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  3. i've just fall in love of that Helmer! I wan't other like that!

  4. Some people put a sheet of non-slip plastic to protect the bottom of the drawers.

  5. @Salander: haha, I hope that space is gonna be full, soon :D
    that's also a good idea!

    @jenny: thank you :)

    @Irene: how cool :)

    @marox: that's a good idea, thanks :)


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