Friday, 7 October 2011

120 Palette Swatching Series: Lower Half, 5th Row

Hi there!
It's time for a new swatching episode of my 120 palette! Today I want to show you pink and red shades, and they're all in the 5th row of the lower half of the palette :) Let's get into the colors!

1 Here we have a pinkish purple with chunky shimmer.
2 This more lilac color has a slight shimmer.
3 Here we have a darker purple with a slight shimmer.
4 This cool-toned pink has a chunky shimmer.
5 Here we have a matte fuchsia/ magenta pink.
6 This is a frosty medium pink.
7 Here we have a juicy bright pink with shimmer.
8 This red is matte and vibrant, but a bit poor in pigmentation.
9 This is a shimmery red leaning pink.
10 And this last one looks a lot like number 8, but it's more pigmented.
in the shade
in the sun
in the shade
in the sun
And no, the last 2 pictures aren't washed out, the colors are really not that pigmented.
I find that these types of colors are really difficult to wear, especially red. That's in my opinion just something for a really daring look! Or do you maybe have any ideas to wear these crazy colors?
I'll see y'all soon :)
xoxo, Misch


  1. Oh, yes, I like reds!!! It is always the same, you can wear any colour if you combine it with neutral ones. I like a lot this combination: sweet orange with a little bit of red and brown :-)

  2. Like this one:

  3. @Salander: haha, you smoehow seem to be able to make every color wearable ;) but I like the look you linked a lot :) it's really pretty!

  4. @Salander: you're welcome, sweetie :)


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