Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Previews for November LEs

Hi guys!
It's the beginning of October, which means preview time! I've decided I'll be showing you preview links from now on, because it's best to be informed, right?! Hope it doesn't annoy you because the previews also appear in other blogs.

For the month of November Catrice will be launching a new LE called Welcome To Las Vegas. Here *click* you can see the promo pics of it. I love the design, so cool, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing the nail polishes and duo lipglosses in real life :)

Essence is gonna launch 3 LEs, but one of them is only available at selected stores.
The first one, and most boring in my opinion, is called Add On Magic. Pictures can be seen here *click*. Why a nail junkie like me finds this boring? Because most of these things are already in the permanent line. There's barely anything new, and that's a bit disappointing, don't you think?
Next we have one called Vampire's Love. Promo pics: *click*. Essence's Vampire LEs that always show up when a Twilight movie is launching, are always popular, and I bet this one will be, too. I love the design, there are some more special products like the blush gelée and the lip stain, and the nail polishes are so so gorgeous! I really like it :)
And last but not least, something that is not really an LE but a limited eyeshadow palette. *Click* here for the promo pics. The design is so so cute, and it totally reminds me of the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows! The colors aren't fully what I love, and maybe it won't even be available near me...and since a lot of people are pissed by the price: 10 Euros for 12 eyeshadows, 2 brushes and 2 gel eyeliners are definitely okay in my opinion.

Do you like these LEs? Are you looking forward to something special?
See you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I think the LE palette is really nice, and maybe I'll buy it if I have the opportunity to find it in the stores! Lipstain looks nice too!

  2. @Ere: that's cool! Make sure to tell me if you get something :)

  3. Freue mich schon auf die LEs :D


  4. @Sara: ja, ich mich auch :)

  5. Wow! The palette is just amazing, I hope I can get it in Spain.
    As I was in Las Vegas this year I find the LE from Catrice very interesting :-)

  6. @Salander: I'll cross my fingers for you :)
    How cool, I like it too :)


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