Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Little Kiko Haul!

Hey there!
Just lately I went to a Kiko store for the first time ever! And I have to say, I love it! This is honestly the store I could spend hours in. I lvoe that you can try out everything, and the girls in there are so nice, and I just love it!
I got a few things, but not that different things. I bought a nail art brush and 3 nail polishes.
The brush is the Small Pointed Nail Art Brush 404. It has synthetic bristles.

The first nail polish I got is in 232. It's a Sparkle Touch polish in a champagne color with golden glitter particles and flecks. It's more of a topper because it doesn't really get that opaque.
The next polish is called 318. It's a mauve creme, and opaque with 2 coats.

And last but not least, 241. It's a deep raspberry pink with a scattered holographic effect.
I love everything I got :)
Actually I had planned to get more things of different types, but since this shopping trip was spontaneous, I had not idea what was good, and what colors I could need. So I decided that I'd wait before I get more stuff, and look up swatches and stuff first. I can't wait to go back there!
Do you love the Kiko stores as much as I do?
Talk to you later!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I went to the kiko shop in Venice last Saturday and I bought 241 too!! I think I'll swatch it today. I love the colors you bought! And I'm curious about those brushes!

    If you like, I wrote an Italian review of one of the new products, you might have see it in the store. It's one of the nail care 3 in 1 base/top coat. I should add a google translator gadget on my blog maybe...

  2. Watch out for the Kiko sales every now and then. Nail polishes usually get discounted and retail at 2.50€, about a euro cheaper than the usual price. All my Kikos were from the sales.

  3. @Ere: how cool is that?! I love the kiko brush, it's great tomapply the polish :)
    I'm gonna check it out :)

    @marox: when I was there, the regular polishes were 3.90 € and a few were on sale for just 1.50 €! :)

  4. Yes!!! I love Kiko stores, we have a big one in Madrid not far from home. My only complaint is that LE are quite expensive but they use to have good sales :-)

  5. @Salander: yes, you're so right :)


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