Sunday, 30 October 2011

Polish Finish Series: Holo

Hey there!
Today I want to continue my Polish Finish Series with the Holo Finish.
There are basically two types of Holos available, the linear and the scattered holo.
The linear has the stronger effect, and is most often referred to as "the" holo. When you move this polish in sunlight or other direct lighting, you can see a prismatic rainbow "linear" effect.
The scattered holo has just small glitter particles that sparkle in all kinds of colors in direct sunlight. It's not as bright, but still apparent.
In case you want to franken a holo: there's a certain glitter, called SpectraFlair, used for it. You can get that at a few online stores.
Some linear holos can be a little problematic in application, but they normally don't need more than 2 coats. Scattered holos apply nicely, too.
There are a few really popular holos, like China Glaze OMG Collection, Nfu Oh Polishes, Chanel and stuff like that.
I don't own a clear linear holo, just one with a more dull effect, which is H&M Sinful Senorita. It barely needs 2 coats, and is a nice pink shade.
The scattered holo I have is Kiko 281, which I showed you here *click*. It's also a pink :)
Some brands (I'm looking at you, Essence) call a Duochrome a Holo, but that's not the same. I'll talk about the duochrome in another episode of this series!
See you later,
xoxo, Misch


  1. Dirty Berry from Catrice, which I have yet to post, has a nice scattered holo effect.
    I HATE IT when Essence calls a duochrome a holo. To make matters worse, in some cases it's not even duochrome either.

  2. @marox: that's cool, I unfortunately don't own it...
    Me too! That's really annoying!

  3. gorgeous! i love holos!

  4. Yes Essence seems to be used to this confusion BUT in the Remix your style collection, the holo finish to coat is a real holo finish. I have tried it on several different polishes and the effect is perfect. I hope they will do more holographic color then !
    (And the Catrice Dirty berry is really great, I don't own it but it's a true holo too)

  5. My favourite ones!!!
    I didn't know that you can buy specific glitter to make them, cool!

  6. @Anibani: thanks :) me too!
    @Mimi: wow, that's good to know! If you're right, then I'll pick up the holo one, too :) yay :D

    @Salander: that's great! Yes, cool, right?!

  7. Yeah I think it's a real holo but it has a sort of white-snowy effect which may bleach the color below, so the layering is not the same as a holo-colored polish. I don't know if I am clear... but I mean, you're able to see that there is one color and one top coat over the color. It modifies a bit the final result. You can use it on it's own too. The finish is rosy-beige, neutral but very nice.

    It didn't seem you to be a real holo when you saw the bottle ?

  8. @Mimi: I think I understand what you mean :) That wouldn't be a problem for me, I hope I'll still be able to find it :)
    It did a bit, but I was honestly too occupied by the flakie top coat, and I was a bit afraid it wouldn't turn out to be a holo :D Good that you proved me wrong!

  9. I hope you can grab one before they're gone... Limited editions are usually very fast to be sold out here !

  10. @Mimi: I was lucky and got one today :)


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