Saturday, 18 September 2010

Preview: new Essence products in the permanent line!

Hi Beauties,
I just saw the new Essence products on the Essence homepage that will hit stores on September 20th. Of course, we all know that it won't be already there on Monday, but I guess by October the new permanent line will be available pretty much everywhere.
I'm not going to show you the pictures because I don't own them, but here is the link to all of the new products.
I'm just gonna do a quick over-view of all of the new stuff.
So, let's get started!

New in the permanent line is:

- All of the lipsticks will get a new packaging and there are two new colors, a pink and a brown.
- A new lipgloss line will be available, the XXXL nudes lipglosses. They will come in 4 natural colors.
- There will be a new color in the glossy lipbalm line, pink dragonfruit.

- The new all eyes on me multieffect mascara will be available in 4 colors: black, brown, blue and green.
- They'll come out with the stays on and on and on mascara, in black.
- To the smokey eyes set line will be a new color added, purple.
- The mono eyeshadow line will get 4 new colors.
- The eyeshadow quattros will get a new design and will be available in 6 color combinations.

- There'll be a bronzing compact powder matte.
- They will also add a new shimmer powder to the line.
- The new silk touch blush will be available in 4 colors.
- Another new product is the multicolor blush, in 2 color combinations.
- The soft touch mousse make up range will include an additional light color.

- There will be matte topcoat.
- The new nail art stampy polish will be available in black and white.
- They'll add new nail art stickers.
- Another new thing are the nail art express dry drops.
- There'll also be a nail art piercing set.
- A new file will be available, the loop nail file.
- The quick shine nail care lotion will also be added to the permanent line.
- They'll add 6 new nail colors to the multi dimension xxxl shine nail polish.
- 7 new colors will be added to the color&go nail polish line.
- The studio nails nail fashion sticker will be available in 14 different designs.

Sun Club:
- There will be a 100 percent splash-proof eyeliner pen.
- They'll also add a 100 percent splash-proof ultra volume mascara.
- To the refreshing moisturizing lipgloss line will be 2 colors added.
- The quattro eyeshadow will come out in another color.

Pure Skin:
- There'll be a 2in1 coverstick pen in 3 colors.
- The matte bronzing powder will also be added.
- Another new thing are the anti-spot cleansing wipes.
- The compact powder line will come out with a new color.
- They will add another color to the mousse make up line.

Pocket Beauty:
- There will be the new friends forever mobile eyepencil.
- The pure beauty eye make-up remover pads will also be added.
- They'll also add a new color to the XXXL shine lipgloss mobile accessory.

All of these products are new to the permanent line!
Tomorrow I'm going to tell you what I think about this new stuff and what seems interesting to me :)
Until then, xoxo, Misch

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