Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Spotted: lots and lots of Limited Editions :)

Hey guys,
when I went to the drugstore yesterday, I found a lot of new Limited Editions and some other stuff, so I'm going to show you some pictures, tell you what I thought about the collection and show you what I bought :) Let's get started!

Essence LE "We saw it first"
You can find all products HERE, at
My thoughts: This Limited Edition is the one that alreday shows the products that will come to the permanent line in a few weeks, some of these products are even alreday in the permanent line, so I honestly don't think that this Limited Edition was necessary. Yes, it contains also some bangles, but I'm not impressed by these. So, I didn't really like this one, the only thing I really liked were the nude lipglosses, but I'll wait until they're in the permanent line.
What I bought: Nothing.

Essence LE "Denim Wanted"
HERE you can see all of the products, at
My thoughts: I really liked this Limited Edition! I like the idea of it, the colors are pretty and the gel eyeliners are awesome! Only the accessoires aren't really necessary, but that's just my opinion. The eyeshadows were pretty nicely pigmented and the nail polishes are really nice, too, I just already have some colors like these.
What I bought: The gel eyeliner in 02 fivepocket grey. If the black one had still been there, I would have gotten this one, too. I really like it! Nice pigmentation, super creamy. If you want a review, tell me!

Catrice LE "Expect the Unexpected"
A list of all of the products and pictures are HERE, on
My thoughts: If you like colors, this LE is definitely something for you! The eyeshadow duos seemed to have pretty nice pigmentation, as well as the blush which is really bright. The lipsticks are more pigmented that I expected them to be, but just as the name says "Expect the Unexpected" ;)... No, I'm just kidding, the description says they were half-transparent, but they aren't, they really give some color! The eye pencils were really thin, and they looked kinda neon.
So I think that this Limited Edition is great :)
What I bought: The lipstick in C03 Purposely Purple - a purple color with gold shimmer. It doesn't last that long, but I really like the color :) Tell me if I should review it!

Manhattan LE "Tender Touch"
You can find the products HERE, at the Manhattan website
My thoughts: Completely matte products are really unusual for drugstore make-up, so this LE is definitlety a good idea. The lipcreams are super creamy, taste like vanilla and they're so opaque! The eyeshadow pigmentation is okay, and the mascara wasn't there to try out, so I don't know anything about this one. If you like matte stuff, give this LE a try and make sure to check out the lipcreams!
What I bought: Nothing, but I think I'll get a nude tone from the lipcreams, but the website says that in October there'll be three more colors to choose from, so I'll wait until then. Maybe.

Also spotted, but no LE: The new Maybelline Gel Eyeliners.
I can't tell you a lot about these, I just saw them, but there was no price yet or anything because they were just about to unpack them. They're available in blue, brown, black and a softer version of a black, don't really know. They come with a brush and there was no tester yet, so I can't say anything about the pigmentation, either. But if I'll find something more out for you guys, I'll tell ya!

Okay, that was a lot of stuff, but I was pretty good, huh? I just bought two things!! :)
I hope you liked this one and I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

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