Monday, 27 September 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line

Hi Beauties,
today I got a new skincare line from clinique! It's the Anti Blemish Solutions line and it came in a little kit.
The kit comes with a little white and mint beauty bag, a soap bar, a clarifying lotion and a clearing moisturizer. The whole kit costs just 9 Euros (a special sale on and at Mueller stores that is just available this week, starting today) and it's a super chance to try it out without spending too much money!

The Cleansing Soap Bar:
It's supposed to help with breakouts on face and body and to pervent them. The size that comes in the kit is 50g. The normal size is 150g for 19 Euros. I payed about 3 Euros for this soap bar if you devide the prize into 3 parts for the three different products, and it's so much more inexpensive to get it that way! It smells just like any normal soap.

The Clarifying Lotion:
It's supposed to exfoliate you skin, remove dead skin cells and any dirt or oil. You should get it on a cotton ball and then sweep it all over you face, so I guess it's like a toner. It comes in a 60ml/2 fl.oz. size and is, again, something around 3 Euros in this kit. The normal size is 200ml/6.7 fl.oz. and costs 19 Euros. So, again, it's ways more inexpensive in this kit. It smells totally like alcohol.

The Cleaning Moisturizer:
It's oil-free and made to treat blemishes and prevent new ones. It's a 30ml/1 fl.oz. size and is in the kit 3 Euros, whereas for the normal size you have to pay 25 Euros for 50ml/1.7 fl.oz.. much more inexpensive that way. It smells a bit weird and a bit minty.

I so excited to try these out! I'm going to start tomorrow, September 28th, and then I'll go on and post about it every tuesday, telling you about my thoughts, how it works, how my skin reacts and so on!
If you would like to try this kit out as well, then I'd say you'd better be fast to get one for that little money! They also have kits of the Moisturizing and the Anti Aging line.
I hope you think this is interesting, because I'm so excited about it! :) Yay!
Okay, I'll see you guys soon!
xoxo, Misch

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