Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spotted: Rival de Loop Young - Diamond Wish LE (Again?)

Hi everyone,
I just saw the "new" Rival de Loop Young Limited Edition at my local Rossmann and I wanted to tell you about it since it confused me a little bit.
It contains baked eyeshadow palettes, lip plumpers (or glosses? I'm not sure), nail polishes and a mascara. They all have big rhinestones on the top.
And when I saw these rhinestones, I reminded me of I product I bought last year, the Rival de Loop Young Diamond Wish Mascara. I got it last winter, loved it so much because of the elastic brush and used it up in 2 months. And now, almost a year later, they release the same collection! Isn't that kinda weird? Or was it just my Rossmann who put up the Limited Edition? Please tell me, because I'm confused. I bought one mascara (It's Limited Edition, so I'm allowed to buy it ;) ), but I'm kind of unsure, because if my Rossmann still had this from last year and put it up, then it could be bad by now, right? I have no idea.
So guys, I'd like to know if you spotted this Limited Edition as well! Please tell me :)

By the way: I started a little poll about what you want to read here, and I would love it if you quickly answer it :) Please, it would be really helpful.
Until next time! :) Bye, Misch


  1. Wauw...they looks great
    Unfortunatelly not find in Holland

  2. @Dhini: what a pity! but i'm sure you'll find something else that's cool, too :)


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